Serial killers’ Childhood

Serial killers mostly have a reason behind the murders. Most of them result to murder due to experiences in their childhood that left them traumatized. This could have been rape at an early age or a violent relationship with their parents mostly fathers.

A boy saw his father rape his sister when they were young, he targeted people who have sexually assaulted young girls. They get this information from the media and make these people there marks (Furhman). Many serial killers are incapable of holding a job for a long time hence finds themselves in and out of jobs in a short period of time. They are not capable of leading normal lives and tend to seclude themselves in places where not many people live or visit allot. They get aggressive and angry due to very simple arguments. They also indulge in activities such as alcoholism and use of hard drugs so as to ease themselves.

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Serial killers also have the tendency f mistreating animals Serial killers such as John Doe in the movie Seven believe in correcting what they believe is right. Doe targets people who he believes go against the seven vices he despises most, greed, pride, wrath, gluttony, envy and sloth. He believes committing such crimes should not go unpunished and that it his obligation and job to punish these people (Kilele).During this period of identifying, planning and putting the plan into action, different serial killers derive pleasure at different stages. Some find pleasure when tormenting their victim and watching them suffer while others derive the pleasure during the kill itself. The pleasure ends as soon as the victim lays dead.

The since of power is also another feeling that serial killers feel after a murder. This feeling of power magnifies with every kill. This makes a killer desire great power hence the need to kill again. Serial killers each have different aspect in the work they do. There are killers who like a challenge and give their victims a chance to fight back.

These give them the feeling of superiority when they beat the victim and succeed in killing them. Others like to make their kill quiet and slow without use of force. These are achieved by approaching a victim who is not expecting an attack. They use drugs such as sedatives to weaken their victims then kill them (Mitrione).As expected of a normal person, serial killers do not feel guilty after killing innocent people. They do not consider the killing as a bad thing as mentally it is normal to them.

Some are haunted by their doings later but this intensifies the urge to kill again. They do not feel pity for their victims even when they shout and scream. They also know the right people to provide them with weapons and fake documents to use when committing crimes (Stewart).