Case Study on Service Marketing

Service Marketing Case Study:

Service marketing is the one of the fields of marketing which deals with the trade of services. Service marketing differs greatly from the goods marketing and has special original structure and principles which fill the process with sense. People started trading with services not so long ago, that is why the principles of service marketing appeared in the middle of the XXth century.

Today businessmen make more money offering service than goods, because years ago only material values could be sold and could worth something. There are many types of services which include medical services, tourism, rent, repair services, consultations of all kinds, services connected with telephones and the Internet, etc. Every year more and more new kinds of services appear and wise people manage to make money on every new idea. Every service is based on the aspect, which sounds like “I need someone else to do it for me”. For example, when one has serious problems connected with the law, a good piece of advice of a professional lawyer will be helpful in such case.Then, everyone wants to have access to the Internet but without simple Internet companies which offer such services this access would be impossible.

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The development of the companies which are based on the certain services depends on the great number of factors, like quality, location of the company, time of delivery and price. The strategy is very simple: the better location, lower prices, higher quality you have, the better chances you have to attract customers.Service marketing is one of the most perspective spheres of business today, because people are ready to pay much for any service, even if it does not require many efforts. Nowadays, the most profitable types of services are based on entertainment and travel. People enjoy spending time at exotic places and pay for exotic services, so smart businessmen manage to offer the consumers the right services.

A well-composed case study is based on profound investigation of the problem offered by the teacher and a student has to spend enough time for the research of the topic to analyze it well. One will need to know general information about service marketing to be able to analyze a limited problem based on it. A good case study is a detailed research of a problem connected with service marketing and one has to investigate the cause and effect sides of the topic and draw the right conclusions.A free example case study on service marketing in hotel industry will be a good source of advice for students who have problems with paper writing. Due to a well-analyzed free sample case study on service marketing in India students are able to see a good model of a successful paper with proper structure, format and length.