Case Study on Marketing

Marketing Case Study:

Marketing is the complex policy and a range of activities which are aimed at the advertising and selling of goods and services. Experienced businessmen who want to develop their business successfully have to analyze the situation on the market of goods and services.

One should study the requirements of the customers, learn their preferences, tastes and analyze what kinds of goods they prefer buying and for what price. Having collected information about customers, a businessman has the image of the market and can start producing goods and services which may be popular among consumers. Marketing includes also a wide field of advertising and special techniques and methods used by businessman to gain as much profit as possible.For example, advertising plays the key role for marketing, because if one sees a successfully-made advertisement (especially if it appeals to human emotions and psychics – the use of children and animals in ads), he will likely buy the product at once. Accept of advertising there are various methods of marketing which are used by the local traders at shops and supermarkets.

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For example, it is known that the owners of supermarkets break the norms of ethics and play of customers’ psychology introducing the smell of coffee and bread along the rows of the supermarket making people buy more than they need provoking their hunger.Marketing is a complex job which embraces a great number of spheres which coexist for the single purpose – making profit. A student who wants to become an expert in business, economics and marketing should devote enough time to the research of the problem connected with marketing. A well-analyzed case study has to be interesting, informative and logically constructed. One should read a lot about marketing and discover its all secrets. It is recommended to learn about the types, methods of marketing and find out about its complicated structure.

In order to prepare a good case study one will need to read newspapers, magazines and encyclopedias looking for the facts about the suggested case there. Very often the required data can be found in the Internet but the more concrete cases require deep research and use of such methods as interview and poll.Even if students manage to analyze the case well, they will surely have troubles with the technical part of the assignment – the structure and format of the paper. A free example case study on marketing mix is quite a useful piece of help for every student who has question about paper writing. One should join the Internet and read a free sample case study on marketing research there and see the rules of the proper composition and formatting of the paper prepared by the professional writers online.