Case Study on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Case Study:

Singapore Airlines is the national airline of Singapore, which was founded in 1947. The first name of the company was Malayan Airways. The company is considered to be one of the most effective and successful and the quality of its service is evaluated with five stars by the consulting company Skytrax.

The airline organizes flights into more than 40 countries of the world and 90 airports, which makes it a serious company which is able to compete on the market of flights in the one row with other giants of this sector. The hub of the company is the Changi airport – the main airport of Singapore and the majority of its flights the company organizes from this place. The fleet of the company consists of more than 100 planes (Airbus ?340-500, ?380 among them) which are used for different purposes. The company provides its clients with the opportunity to travel with all possible classes, including business class but concentrates on the passengers who are ready to pay more but receive the highest quality comfort which makes the flight comfortable.Singapore Airlines is known to be the first company which purchased airbus A380, which is the largest aircraft constructed by the human. Due to the location of its hub, the company is able to organize the direct flights from Europe to South-East Asia and Australia, but it is impossible for the company to organize flights into the largest cities of the USA, because of the long distances.

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Singapore Airlines is a successful company which is surely worth attention, so every student who is going to complete a case study on it will learn many new facts about the success of the company and the history of its development. A well-organized Singapore Airlines case study is the analysis of the definite problem which occurred with the company or its passengers and can touch upon the quality of the service and customer satisfaction. The student is expected to find out the reason of the problem and evaluate its effect on the further work of the company. One should collect enough facts to get to know about the problem more and present the most effective methods which can reduce the consequences of the incident mentioned in the case study.The web can be the most helpful writing assistant for students, because one can read a good free example case study on Singapore Airlines prepared by the professional writer and increase his chance to create an original paper himself. When a student pays attention to the format and the manner of the analysis in a free sample case study on Singapore Airlines, he will manage to succeed in the writing process of his own assignment.