Case Study – Thailand and Singapore

It is having staff mainly from different provinces, cities and parts of Pakistan and executives from Japan, Thailand and Singapore and Pakistan. This case study describes the problems the mentioned company faces in managing the issues of their staff and the gap in understanding of directives issued by the management. The cause of the problem is the barrier of language and cultural differences. Statement of the Problem Rota Motor has major chunk of its employee from Pakistan being located here.

Employees belong to different parts of country representing their local culture. The executives are from Japan, Thailand and Singapore and there is a score of Pakistanis as well. People from Japan, Thailand and Singapore speak different languages; they how different gesture and body language at the changing situation. These factors naturally tend to create a linguistic barrier between them and their Pakistani co- Markers and subordinates. Causes of the Problem Cultural difference between Japanese, This, etc. And Pakistanis is the major communicational barrier.

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Pakistan is a culturally rich country which possesses diversified culture varying from region to region. Labor working in the plant of Toyota Motor represents mostly rural background. The labor force has different culture, temperament of work, physical status and language. Managers have to use different techniques to communicate the task to the labor and they have to use different techniques to get the work done. Decision Criteria and Alternative Solutions The cultural and linguistic difference are the main barrier of this study.

Having different nationality in one company can have lot of misunderstanding. The workers and the executives should learn how to speak English, because English is the international language. The advantage of learning English as their communicating language is, they can also apply this to other places or to communicate to other people. The disadvantage of leaning English is, it may cost the company a lot of money because of the number of workers and executives they have.

Recommendation Solution, Implementation and Justification Rota’s efforts to breach the communication gap should continue.

To effectiveness of communication, understanding each other builds a good relationship. It is recommended to evade messages which are muddled or cluttered. Such messages leave confusions that if you actually mean what you say. The key of getting the successful communication is to be an active listener; staff should be educated to