Thailand Resorts

Oral/Interpersonal Communication – Final Draft of Speech Outline IntroductionAttention getterThailand is a country of Southeast Asia, It is considered to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket are among the major cities and resorts of Thailand. “The Land of Smiles” is another name of Thailand, which belongs to the unique locations with a plenty of amazing tourist attractions.

One more thing that should be mentioned about Thailand is its mix of traditions and a bright culture. All this is represented by the collection of the country’s historical attractions and places of interest. While planning a trip to Thailand, people often face a problem of choice, because each resort has its unique peculiarities and characteristic features. Jerry Hopkins, the author of the book “Thailand Confidential”, assures that Thailand begins with its capital. Bangkok is the main tourist destination in Thailand.

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It is the capital of the country that is famous for its exciting life and wonderful view of GrandPalace. Phuket with its gorgeous beaches and luxurious hotels is the next place of interest. One may also visit quite Krabi or AndamanCoast, where incredible Phi Phi islands and PhaNgaBay are situated. Not far from Bangkok, there is a seaside town Hua Hin, famous for its nightlife Pattaya, and ruins of the former Siamese capital, Ayuthaya. Chiang Mai and Pai are among many other ancient towns of Thailand. All these places give the tourists a chance to taste Tai food, go shopping in the Thai shops and catch warm Thai smiles.

Let us describe the main resorts of Thailand starting from the central part of the country, proceeding with the eastern, northern and northeastern ones, and finishing with “The Land of Smiles” in the south. Credibility – After an extensive research, I have learned a lot of information about Thailand and its main resorts, which attract people from all over the world. Thesis – Today, I will describe Thailand as a tourist country, give you a little information about the major resorts of the country, their location and main peculiarities BODYThe central part ofThailand is not only a geographical heart of the kingdom, but also a cultural one. It is the center of the modern-dayThailand, and many tourists come here to enjoy its nature and historical monuments.The central region of Thailand is important not only historically but environmentally as well. Despite the fact that much of the natural landscape was reduced by deforestation, the major part of the Central Thailand consists of the wild forest, grassland and jungles.

Ayuthaya, the former Siamese capital, is situated north of the Thai capital. Some centuries ago, this city was the center of trade, culture and art. Nowadays, it just attracts the tourists who want to listen to is history. Kanchanabari, which is situated northwest of Bangkok, is the third-largest province of Thailand. Its beautiful nature makes this resort very popular among the people, who come here for bathing in the waterfalls, kayaking along the rivers, and trekking through the jungles.

Prachuap Khiri Khan is also situated here. It is famous for a summer palace of the Royal Family and location of the oldest Thai beach resort Hua Hin. Here one can enjoy sport activities of different kinds. Southeastern Thailandis famous by its numerous attractions, white beaches, naughty nightlife and national parks.Pattaya is situated in two hours’ drive from Bangkok and has a fame of the recreation center.

(a) Foreign tourists as well as Thais come here to enjoy white sand, blue sky, and warm sea. Pattaya is considered to be the cream of Chon Buri province, but there are also some other places of interest. (b) Khao Sam Muk, family resort Bang Sean, and a picturesque island Ko Sichang are among other famous places in Thailand.(c) A coastal province Chanthabury with its fruits, gemstones and hot pepper is not far from these places. Rayong is not less attractive place in Thailand.

The SametIsland, which is situated here, is attracting foreign tourists very actively. Besides, there is Trat province in the eastern coast, which is well-known for its MarineNational Park. Generally, this region is famous for its numerous national parks, where the tourists can enjoy mountain biking, water rafting and have a rest from the noisy cities. PicturesqueNorthern Thailandhas a reputation of the “mountainous” region and is usually associated with an ancient Thai culture.Northern Thailand is represented by such provinces and towns as Nan, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae, Hong Son, and Sukhothai. People visit these places in order to get acquainted with the ancient traditions of Thai manners of speaking, dressing and behaving.

The northeastern part of the “Land of Smiles” is almost plain. It may even seem lifeless and dry, but, in fact, there are many historical and archaeological resorts. There are fourteen provinces of the South stretch that are situated along the narrowpeninsula ofThailand.There is the AndamanSea coast in the western part of the peninsula, which is represented by the numerous islands with a plenty of seaside resorts. (a) Speaking about the resorts of AndamanCoast, I would like to single out Phuket, the largest island of Thailand. The results of numerous surveys show that today, Phuket is considered to be one of the most famous seaside resorts inn the world.

Tourists enjoy its crazy nightlife, different sport opportunities, shopping, and sunbathing on the white sand. (b) Those, who find this island too crowded, choose SamuiIsland with its unpolluted air, or PhanganIslands, which are famous by the popular diving center. Ranong is another tourists’ choice, where people can enjoy mineral baths. (c) Diving-lovers choose Krabi and explore Lanta, Phi Phi, and HongIsland groups. Alongside of Phuket, these locations are becoming extremely popular as there are plenty of attractions both in the sea and on land.(d) Krabi, in particular, is situated at the mouth of the river that opens to the AndamanSea.

Several national parks are situated here. Among the most popular are Ao Nang, Hat Noppharat Thara and Ko Phi Phi National Park. Krabi is full of locations, suitable for snorkeling, yachting and other adventures. Krabi is developing very fast and shows a good example of combination of modern comfort and Thai tradition. Lonely Planet Research Group noted, that among the activities in demand here are kayaking, birwatching, sailing, snorkeling and many others.

Nowadays, Thailand is full of places that are waiting to be explored and are to become large resorts in future. ConclusionReview main pointsAs you have just learned, Thailand is a very interesting country situated in Southeast Asia that attracts people from all over the world. The country’s regions are different, but all of them have numerous historical, cultural and seaside resorts. The central part of Thailand is the geographical and cultural heart of the country with many historical cities, ancient ruins, and luxurious Thai palaces. The southeastern part of the country is presented by the numerous attractions, famous white beaches, naughty nightlife, and national parks. Picturesque Northern Thailand has a reputation of the “mountainous” region and is usually associated with an ancient Thai culture.

The northeastern part of the “Land of Smiles” is almost plain and it may seem lifeless and dry. However, there are many historical and archaeological resorts. The fourteen provinces of the South stretch along the narrow peninsula of Thailand are famous for their luxurious seaside resorts and variety of vacation opportunities. Restate thesis – Now, you know general information about the major Thailand resorts and places of interest, their location and main peculiarities. Clincher – Hopefully, the major Thai resorts will develop further and attract more and more tourists from the different countries of the world. There is no doubt that Thailand is a great country, which still has a lot of secrets to unlock.