Hernandez Abbey Group Resorts

Hernandez Abbey Group Resorts’ Return Special Value Program I. Background of the study Return special value program provide incentives to meeting planners and convention goers to return to the resorts as leisure guests. Meeting attendees are given a future leisure stay at the lower group rate given by the resort that hosted the group.

The group rate is good for one year but excludes holiday weekends The program was developed because the Abbey Group is a seasonal resort operator Lean season is from April to the first two weeks in May and from September through October The verbal objective is to increase year round occupancy ere meeting attendee has a strong financial incentive to book the space available summer rate at the winter price The concept was developed in the spring and summer of 1998 by the director of sales and marketing The RSVP program is now included in sales presentations to meeting planners.

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The meeting planners can use the incentive for themselves at a later date, and they can use it as an incentive to increase attendance at the conference II.

Statement of the problem Possible lower sales during summer or their peak season There is no assurance for guest returnees he RSVP program is not valid for holiday weekends Ill.

Course of action Add an additional outdoor activities that is not covered of the incentives so that they Nail still hit their target sales even though there is a huge discount on guest returnee Marketing department should orient the meeting planners about the resorts’ specification and convince them that it is a great offer to avail an accommodation at a lower rate Suggest an alternative weekend instead, so that it won’t harm the company’s sales IV.

Soot Analysis Strengths Lower rates on guest returnee Incentive can be avail at a later date ear round occupancy rate will increase Strong financial incentive Insaneness Abbey Group Resort is Seasonal operating resort Lean season is from April to the first two weeks in May and from September through October Opportunity Guests have the chance to experience the resort at a lower rate lean season will be occupied effective marketing strategy Threats Other resorts may offer lower rates without due respect for being a guest returnee Natural disturbance may occur Transportation problems (e. . Traffics, vehicular accidents) V. Recommendation We would recommend the Abbey Group Resorts to establish another program that Mould focuses on family outings and also for couples.

It would be a great hit if they Mould expand their market into larger categories. VI.

Conclusion RSVP program of Abbey Group Resort is an effective marketing strategy, they focuses on the guest returnee by offering them a huge discount if they return to the resort as a leisure guest. They maximize the occupancy by establishing the said program. Abbey Group Resort is a seasonal operating resort that has a lean season, given the RSVP program they overcome their lean season due to the high rate guest returnee.