What is the Group Promise?

The answer id Group. What is the Group Promise? How does the Group Promise affect a consumers perceived risk and cognitive dissonance? The group Promise states that any customer can return a group, no questions asked, even if they used it and they feel Like the business let them down or did not meet their standards. The group Promise helps lower perceived risk to consumers, due to the fact that there Is gimmick, they can return the group if they are unsatisfied.

Group Promise reduces the uncertainty of buying online by having the “No Questions Asked” policy. Describe the five- stage purchase decision process for a typical Group user. . Problem recognition – Group sends a deal- of the day email offer, Such as skydiving this is something that many people wouldn’t do on a regular basics. There is also a new feature on the mobile app called ‘Group NOW which allows customers access to consistently updated businesses promotions based on where you are. 2.

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Information Search – 3.

Alternative Evaluation – Most Group customers focus on price as the most Important criteria for buying an offer, other tings make a big impact on a Group purchase as well the quality and restrictions; Restrictions such as Limit one per family r travel date restrictions. 4. Purchase Decision – The purchase decision is made online on the spot. 5.

Post purchase Behavior – After the purchase the consumer uses the Group offer and then evaluates their experience with what they had expected. What are possible psychological and sociological Influences on the Group consumer Purchase decision processes?

Since the recession the increase in the importance of saving has attracted many people to websites where they can get a bargain and many people turned to Group to satisfy their need. Typical group users are In the range of 25-35 year old women with an average income of about $60,000 plus. Women is the most important word in the previous sentence; According to the video there are more deals that cater to women’s need and women care more about getting a deal than men do. Women also talk to each other about deals when on the other side men rarely talk about getting the best deal.

Mobile APS and email have made it easier for people to find deals that they are interested in. Variables such as gender, location, Ana previous purchases Nell tailor deals Tort can customer. Group Is Decoding more and more personalized so they can relate to their consumers. What challenges does Group face in the Future? What actions would you recommend related to each challenge? I have used Group many times before and I do see some flaws in their system. Many customers buy a coupon and never use them.

My Boyfriend is like that and I have to keep reminding him to check which ones he has bought so when he goes to get his car detailed I tell him to make sure he hasn’t bought one for car detailing.

The solution to this problem would be a Reminder system, maybe an email every week reminding you of the purchases you have made and when they expire. I usually look for group deals for vacations, such as weekend vacations most of the time down to Atlantic City, and recently I have noticed that Group offers the same deal on hotels even if I showed up and asked for a room and used my rewards card.

I also believe that the date restrictions keep buyers away from group because it restricts that person from going on vacation when they really want. The solution to these problems are first coordinate with Hotels and events to make sure that Group is getting the consumer the best rates, and secondly try to coordinate legible dates for cruises and international trips along with deals for restaurants and activities.

I am also a user of Livingston a big competitor of Group I feel that they offer the same thing but Living Social makes it look for fun.

Living social does not have the same app features like Group such as Group Now. You are restricted to a zip code on Livingston. The Solution to the problem of having competition is keep updating your APS, keep it interesting and stay one foot ahead of the competitors. I would also add an incentive program to people who use Group regularly.