Group stands Case Study

Group has grow from 400 subscribers to 60 million subscribers world wide within five years, It’s fastest growing company In history. Group stands for group coupon that requires certain amount of subscribers to sign up for the deal.

Moreover, there Is a dally deal for local or national business, people can easy to use and redeem, so It raises the possibility for people to sign up. Furthermore, the most significant thing that Group is running based on the Internet, so it’s easy for people to discover and shop.

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Wherever the people are, they can just use their smartened to check if there has any deal near them. 2. The Group Promise is an important rule for customer. Customer can return any Group they purchased If they don’t feel satisfied with the products, even if they used, there is no question ask.

Therefore, people don’t need to worry about whether they will waste their money if they buy the products they don’t like. There Is no risk taken for any customer. 4. There are possible psychological and sociological Influences the Group nonuser purchase decision process.

Due to the recession.

People have tried to save money, so people who are interested in other coupon websites, they may be also interested in Group. Moreover, after customers have used Group for several times, Group have begun personalizing deal for their customers. This process offers deals for customers that they are more likely to be interested in and purchase. Furthermore, every deal on Gorgon websites will show customers how many other customer have purchased, so people won’t think they are the fist person to try the product, and take the risk.

When customers see there are a lot of people buying this product, they may think It may be a good product, and I should get one. It enhances the customers to purchase, and quantity that company sells.

5. There are three challenges for Group In the future. First, there are customers who are dissatisfied with Group, or buy the Group and never use it. They are looking for regular customers. In order to solve this issue, I think Group need to evaluate the reason why people are not satisfied with their products.

They need to control the quality they sell because it can affect or even ruin their reputation. Second, Group has difficulty on growth in the USA. There are more deals in US, but they don’t have many customers in here. I think Group need to discover what people really need to raise the sale in US. Even though they have more customers abroad than here, US citizens still have a stronger buying power than other countries.

Finally, Group are competing with other coupon websites.

I think Group need to keep their current customers by personalize their deals, and sending any promotion If customers have spent certain amount of money. Also, they need to attract more new customers such as galling a coupon, so people can use a free coupon to buy a coupon or products. No mater those customers will be regular customers or not, when teeny start to use a Tree coupon, teeny s tart ten Dustless Walt Group, and they are potentially be the regular customers in the future.