Case Study on Smoking

Smoking Case Study:

Smoking is the consumption of the smoke of tobacco and other substances during the process of their burning. Smoking became well-known in Europe not so long ago. Till the end of the 18th century this habit has not been known in that part of the world. Due to the geographical discoveries of America, various islands in the world the travelers from Europe noticed that aborigines practise some strange of burning different plants and consuming their smoke. The travelers tried smoking and decided to introduce this habit into Europe where it has become popular very fast. Today nearly ? of the planet smokes and can not give up the habit.

The most common substance for smoking is tobacco and today it is known about its harmful effects. Years ago people could not imagine that smoking causes cancer, various problems with lungs, diseases like asthma, etc. The most dangerous disease connected with smoking is lung cancer and a high percentage of smokers suffer an die from it. The problem of smoking is so important that many countries banned smoking at public places in order to protect children and non-smokers from the harmful impact of the tobacco smoke.Smoking is one of the worst habits of the human society and it causes negative impact on young people. Nearly every teenager at least tried smoking once in his life.

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Young people smoke because they think it is cool and it can help them gain respect among their friends. Besides, they smoke because of the intensive advertising policy of the tobacco corporations, which do their best to make their production popular among more and more people. The global community demands smoking to be banned or at least special places should be created for smoking. When one wants to prepare a good case study, he has to research the problem well and understand its nature from all sides.Then, it is time to investigate the case itself. First of all one has to research the case site and analyze the cause and effect of the problem.

Students can use methods of interview for research and to collect data for the paper. Finally, when one has researched the case, it is required to offer wise solutions to the suggested problem to demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking abilities.In order to complete a well-composed paper one requires a free sample case study on smoking addiction in the Internet. Students have to read good examples of case study writing to understand how to write the paper correctly. Every free example case study on smoking ban is a reliable source of information and instructions for the successful paper writing.