Should smoking be banned in all eating outlets?

What if you were me, enjoying some food at your favourite restaurant. Then suddenly, you caught a whiff of that awful smell, you turn around to find the person behind you was smoking, I am sure you will be irritated. That is why you are like me and other people who are thinking the same thing—-to ban smoking in all eating outlets. First of all, smoking is known to be bad for our health. Smoking leads to many dangerous diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer, throat cancer and much more uncureable sickness.

Smoking is like an elevator to hell, even if you do not mind it but think about your loved ones, would you risk them too? I know I won’t. Second, think about the concern for the public. By smoking you endanger the lives of innocent stranger. Nobody likes to live in a smoky atmosphere, it is far more terrible than living in the swamp. Not only do smokers discomfort the public but they also put people’s lives in danger. Would you risk other just for your satisfaction? I know I won’t.

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Third, smokers are letting out a gas that everybody fears—- second hand smoke. When in a restaurant, if you smoke, the second hand smoke will permeate the whole building in a flash. The hazardous smoke will land in the air, to the walls, to your clothes, and even worse— other people’s food. That gas will cause people to be infected with the same diseases and more because second hand smokers have higher risks than normal smokers. Would you be the killer of mankind? I know I won’t. The above mentioned are the reasons why the government should ban smoking in all eating outlets to prevent extinction of mankind! And because we non-smokers have the right to live.