Case Study on Special Education

Special Education Case Study:

Special education is the style and methodology of education dedicated to the students with special needs. It is natural that nowadays education has become differentiated and teachers pay attention to the needs and capacities of every student. It does not worth mentioning that students are different and they require different amounts of time and efforts to learn something, so modern trend of education is aimed at the selective approach towards every student. Special education touches upon the students of different categories – who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, behavioural disorders, intellectual giftedness and the ones whose education has been interrupted because of war. First of all, special education is aimed at the students with learning disabilities.

Such young people require more time to master new skills and gain knowledge and teachers apply special pedagogical methods which make this process faster and more quality.The students who suffer from physical disabilities also receive the chance to study in special conditions due to the brand new equipment and appliances which can make the process of education easier and closer to them. Gifted children also require special approach towards education, because they catch information rapidly and demand more intensive programmes and schedule; otherwise they become bored and waste their potential.Such students attend additional classes or simply receive more complicated assignments which can be interesting and useful for them. Finally, there are students who had to interrupt the process of their education because of the accidents, ecological threat, military conflicts and wars on the territory of their country, city or local area. They require additional classes and assignments to catch up with other students in the class.

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Special education is the practice which is expected to help students with special needs receive appropriate knowledge and skills for their future profession. The young person can observe the problem on special education on the example of the definite case collecting information about it and thinking about the cause and effect of this practice. Moreover, the student should analyze the techniques, strong and weak sides of special education and evaluate its usefulness objectively. One has to generate a few useful ideas which can solve the problem of the case in the constructive and professional way making special education effective and relevant.The young person is able to find the useful answers to her questions about the right formatting of the paper and the logical composition of the text looking through a free example case study on special education student online. The student can learn about the analysis of the paper, the manner of presentation of the data and appropriate summarizing of the content following the free sample case study on special education in the Philippines.