Case Study on Technology in Education

Technology in Education Case Study:

Technology in education is the application of the scientific achievements and innovations in the sphere of technologies into the process of education. Education is a complicated activity which requires numerous alternative approaches, teaching skills, the favourable atmosphere and the useful equipment and appliances which would be helpful for studying. Nowadays due to the rapid development of the computer technologies the process of education can become more effective.To begin with, technologies provide students with visual aid.

Not every student is able to receive and remember information just through the listening to the teacher, because one can catch even more facts with the help of the eyes, which has always been a problem. Years ago one could not even imagine being able to demonstrate the images and movies about dinosaurs, various animals, historic events, etc but now computer technologies offer the wide choice of actions. Students can see what they are listening to and understand the material better.They can see movies, listen to the audio information and even improve their knowledge working at the computer and solving 3D assignments on chemistry, physics and mathematics. Technologies open numerous opportunities for students and teachers as well, because they can plan their classes more intensively making them dynamic, informative and creative. Furthermore, the disabled students receive extra opportunities for education, because many technologies have been created directly for this purpose – to facilitate and maintain the educational process for the disabled students.

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Technology is a very important introduction into the process of education, because it can make the quality of education higher. If the student is asked to prepare a successful technology in education case study, he should learn about the educational technologies a lot and analyse their effectiveness objectively. When the student is suggested to research the definite case, he is supposed to research the case site, learn about the technology, the educational institution, find out about the students’ progress before the introduction of the technologies and then study the effect.Having evaluated the effect of the problem, one can compare the usefulness of the technologies before and after their introduction into the educational process. In the end, the student should summarise the case and probable suggest the possible ways out of the existing problem with technologies.

A case study is a deep research of a narrow topic, so it is difficult to organize such a paper without the writing experience and knowledge. The Internet and a free example case study on technology in education is a positive way out of the problem of writing. With the assistance of a free sample case study on technology in education the student will be able to see how to format the paper, compose the text well and analyse the problem objectively.