Case Study on Technology

Technology Case Study:

Technology in the broad meaning is the set of processes, methods and materials, which are used in a certain sphere of human activity and also a scientific description of the technical production.There is also a narrow meaning which says that it is the complex of means, processes and methods used for the production, repairing and exploitation of a product which possesses the required qualities and functions which meet the level of the current development of science, engineering and society in the whole. At first technology meant a set of skills and knowledge about something which helped to solve the important questions and troubles of that time. For example, the invention of the wheel gave birth to the technology of wheel making, so that the skills and knowledge required for the production of a wheel. Later on, the development of technology of all kinds provoked the development of the whole human society and civilization. Today, technology is not a skill or knowledge about a process or the qualities of an object but something more.

The development of the modern technologies requires much time, resources and money and is considered to be very expensive. Nevertheless, modern technologies are the single essential factors which can improve human life, health and well-being. Technology is important everywhere: in education, industry, business, agriculture, engineering, science, etc. For example, without high technologies every business will bankrupt very soon, because will not be able to stand the violent competition of the rival companies on the market. That is why a smart businessman should always be aware about the latest innovations in technology, which can be used for the development of his business.Technology is aimed to make human life easier and better, no wonder, so much time, efforts, resources and money is devoted to its development.

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Good technology is the only thing which can always provide one with profit. So, in order to complete a successful technology case study one should read as many books and articles on the topic as possible to catch the main principles and key points of the question. If one wants to solve the case suggested for the analysis, he should investigate the cause of the problem and value its effect. Finally, in order to solve the puzzle, one will need to spend enough time to create good methods and techniques useful for the solution of the problem.With the assistance of the Internet and a good free sample case study on technology transfer in India one will see the way of case study writing on the direct example.

It is not difficult to find a well-organized free example case study on technology management in the web and understand how to create a correct structure and get to know about the ways of formatting and data analysis.