RFID Technology Case Study

Booz Allen believes that, for many companies, investment in RFID technology still presents risks.The majority of companies in the logistics and automotive industry consider Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to be strategically important to their business, according to a joint study by Booz Allen Hamilton and St. Gallen University. However, only 18% plan to invest more than EUR 500,000 to test the technology in 2004, and 35% have yet to determine RFID investment levels.

The study — “RFID Technology: A New Innovation Engine for the Logistics and Automotive Industry?” — is based on a survey Booz Allen and St. Gallen University conducted of over 30 logistics and automotive companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Great Britain, and the United States.Companies stated that improving internal processes, meeting customer requirements, upgrading current technology, and deploying new products and services were the primary reasons behind deploying RFID technology. The study also found that companies are using RFID technology as a marketing platform to position themselves as innovators.

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