Case Study on Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Case Study:

Upper respiratory tract infections are the groups of inflammation processes in the respiratory tract, which cause harm to the organism and are caused by viruses. URTI are the most widespread groups of diseases in the world, because nearly everyone suffers from it at least once every year, especially in cold periods. URTI includes such diseases as influenza, parainfluenza, respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus and adenovirus infections and other infections of the upper respiratory tract. When the disease is progressing, the condition of the patient may be damaged even more because of the activity of various bacteria. URTI are considered to be the most widespread infections in the world, that is why it is impossible to predict epidemics in the definite parts of the world. Speaking about babies, they do not fall ill with URTI due to the isolated way of life and strong immune system, but when they get older and go to kindergarten or school, they will fall ill very often, sometimes more than ten times per year.

Grownups fall ill with URTI more seldom, because they have developed a specific immunity and resistance from these infections. The possibility of URTI depends on the age of a person, the epidemic situation and her lifestyle. If a person spends much time in crowded places, the risk to fall ill is higher, because the infections are transmitted through coughing, sneezing, kissing, direct contact with the infected object, etc. Sometimes it is possible to catch the infection just having a contact with an animal, a dog, cat and a bird. The most effective ways to prevent URTI are to avoid crowded placed during epidemics, consume much vitamin C and wash hands often etc.

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The topic on URTI is very important and interesting for everyone, because one falls ill with the diseases of this group several times a year. It is important to know how to prevent and cure the disease effectively and understand its nature. In order to solve the puzzle of a case study one will need to research the case site and interview the patient to collect information about the cause of the URTI for the profound analysis. When the data is collected it is possible to value the effect of the disease and define the most appropriate ways of the solution of the problem.The process of case study writing requires time and efforts; moreover, one should know everything about writing to complete a high­quality paper. It is easy to find in the web a free sample case study on upper respiratory tract infection and understand how to compose a good paper well.

On the basis of a free example case study on acute upper respiratory tract infection it is possible to learn about the process of analysis, formatting and composition of the correct structure.