Case Study on Violation of Human Rights

Case Study on Violation of Human Rights:

Violation of human rights is the complex of actions which break the norms and laws which protect and guarantee a human being from the illegal actions and abuse. In the times immemorial the human life did not cost anything and no one respected it, that is why such problems as wars, conflicts, capital punishment, etc were extremely frequent.

Furthermore, numerous methods of torture and capital punishment, different types of weapon were invented for various purposes just because of the disrespect to the human life. The situation was the same till the beginning of the 20th century, when the general public started to think about the value of life and the unique traits of character of an individual. The last factor which provoked to the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 was the World War 2 and the Holocaust or the destruction of the Jews on purpose.When people saw the fear and terror of war, they decided to do their best to prevent further conflicts and make the life on the planet more peaceful. In order to protect the rights of everyone, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created. In fact, the problem still exists and human rights are violated all the time.

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there are many types of the current violation of human rights and the most common of them are connected with military, political, economic and other factors. There are still such problems as genocide, war crimes and the crimes against humanity which require solutions.The problem of violation of human rights is quite relevant and even controversial, because there are certain points which provoke debates and discussions (euthanasia, abortion, capital punishment, etc.). When a student is suggested to prepare a case study, he should devote enough time to the research of the topic in general and only then he will be able to focus on the direct problem on the violation of human rights in a certain particular case. A successful violation of human rights case study should possess the analysis of the cause and effect of the problem, present the methodology of the research and provide the reader with the reliable evidence and the professional solutions of the case under research.

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