Case Study on Violence against Women

Case Study on Violence against Women:

Violence against women is a serious problem which requires quick and effective solutions, because any sort of abuse should not exist just because of belonging to a certain gender.Evidently, the problem has been relevant for thousands of years, because women have always been neglected and treated like second rate people who are not able to think and present wise sober thoughts.

The main reason which caused such a situation is the simple fact that women are physically weaker than men, and the letter decided to make themselves a dominant sex. Women’s right have always been violated. Historically, very few women had the opportunity to receive education, work and choose their husbands. The planned marriage has always been a standard and women were asked whether they agree to marry a man seldom. Today, the situation is different and women have the equal rights and duties as men.

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Unfortunately, the problem is still relevant, because women of all over the world still suffer from the negative and even cruel attitude of the men. For example, women are the main targets of the domestic violence, caused by alcohol and misunderstandings between the husband and a wife; they are involved into forced labor, prostitution, etc. and the main targets of human trafficking for these purposes (sex industry) are the young women who can not protect themselves. Naturally, violence against women is a traditional phenomenon in certain cultures, where women still have no rights (Africa, some countries of Asia, etc.). In order to improve the situation and solve the problem of violence against women numerous movements and organizations have been organized.

Violence against women is a serious problem which requires solution and a student can devote time and efforts to research the problem in detail and try to suggest the best ways out of the problem. A student who is asked to research the violence against women case study should collect information on the case, learn about the factors which cause the problem and the effect of the problem on the life of the society. One is supposed to make a detailed analysis on the case and suggest the most effective solutions to the problem demonstrating his knowledge on psychology, sociology, philosophy, ethics, etc, because the problem is too broad and can be investigated differently.The Internet can become the most helpful writing assistant for students, who does not have enough writing experience. One can find a free example case study on violence against women in India and learn everything about the standards of paper writing. It is reasonable to read a free sample case study on violence against women in Philippines and increase chances to complete a successful original paper yourself.