Case Study on Dating Violence

Dating Violence Case Study:

Dating violence is a problem that touches upon an unmarried couple. Sometimes one practices violent actions against his partner in order to impose his will upon him or to manipulate him. Dating violence exists in different forms of abuse – sexual, racial, economic, physical, emotional abuse, etc. Moreover, it is practiced by male and female partners.Sometimes a partner wants to manipulate his girlfriend and practices improper methods to reach his goal.

Such actions as sexual assault or sexual harassment are quite common between some partners. A dominant partner abuses the subordinate one and wants to maintain control over him. The method of emotional blackmail is also very widespread among couples. One partner tries to make the other one guilty in order to persuade him to fulfil his wishes.Relations of numerous couples are built on guilt, fear and obligation.

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They live under constant pressure and they cannot release from the impact of their partner, because he threatens or practices any methods of physical abuse against her. Women are the most common victims of dating violence, because of numerous reasons. First, in many cultures, women do not have any solid rights and they cannot protect themselves from sexual, economic or emotional abuse from the side of their partner. Both partners utilize psychological abuse against each other. The most common example of this abuse is a girl’s threat of committing suicide if her boyfriend leaves her. Sexual abuse or date rape is also an urgent problem between couples.

For example, many girls are afraid of saying ‘no’ to their boyfriend, because they think that he lives them.Many boys force their girlfriends to have sex with them threating or frightening them. Finally, both partners practice the method of controlling behavior. For example, a girl is restricted to see her friends, to visit her family, to speak to other men, to wear the clothes she wants, etc.When a student is involved into social study, he will find the topic of dating abuse interesting.

He should study this subject attentively and get to know about its cause and effect in order to observe it from all sides. A student has to solve his case about dating abuse effectively. He has to read about the types of abuse and learn about the best methods that can help him cope with this problem well. When he accumulates enough knowledge about the case sight and its participants, he will be able to complete a sensible case study.If you have problems with your college or university case study, you are able to learn something new about the process of writing with the help of the Internet. If you read a free college sample case study on dating violence, you will understand how to construct your assignment effectively.