Bad Breath=Bad dating life

One day I was sitting in class, about to start a group project. I made eye contact with my friends, planning to work with them, but then the teacher said she had already paired us up. I was briefly disappointed but then I realized that the teacher had paired me with my crush! We began the project and then my crush opened his mouth, right in front of my face.

Whew! His breath was not very fresh… pretty gross actually. Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath is a problem.

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70% of teens say that bad breath is an instant turnoff and 85% say that it’s the most important thing to avoid when meeting someone for the first time. In a survey on, 43% said that fresh breath matters the most before a first date. Dating statistics say that Halitosis is one of the 3 most unattractive traits. The statistics say that nobody likes bad breath! Not only does good breath make a good impression, but bad breath is obviously a bad thing when interested in someone. It’s hard to argue with the facts! There are a variety of causes of bad breath such as poor dental hygiene, eating strong tasting foods or having rotting food stuck between teeth (gross).

Controlling bad breath can be hard though. There are products such as gum and mints, but those only temporarily solve the problem. Some people try surgeries but those are effective in less than 3% of cases. The best thing to do for bad breath is to buy a good toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss and to use them at least twice daily. Halitosis can also create that awkward situation where you’re sitting next to a friend or love interest, and they are unknowingly suffering a severe case of Halitosis.

There’s the question, “do I tell them or not?” The best thing to do is to tell him or her for his sake, and the sake of others. To subtly do so, offer them a piece of gum or a breath mint but remember, this is only a temporary fix. The second and best way to tell the person with bad breath of their problem is to just flat out say it. That doesn’t mean you should blurt it out In the middle of a crowded room. Take the person of to the side and tell him or her privately. If you are unable to do that, just whisper in their ear (and hope you don’t have bad breath as you do so!) If that’s hard to imagine doing, just think of it like this, wouldn’t you like to know if you had bad breath as opposed to breathing it in people’s faces and making them suffer? The most important thing to remember when telling someone of their problem is to BE NICE.

It’s not the persons fault they have Halitosis! All in all, bad breath is annoying, but it can be treated! By proper dental hygiene, and carrying around gum when its needed for a temporary bad breath fix, Halitosis can be hidden or even avoided completely! Once Halitosis is gone, bigger tasks can be accomplished… such as connecting with that love interest or helping others with their bad breath!