Case Study on Volcanoes

Volcanoes Case Study:

Volcano is a geological phenomenon, characterized with the opening in the surface of the planet through which magma comes from the inner side of the planet in the form of lava, volcanic stones and gases. Volcano is considered to be a serious natural disaster, which causes death to everything alive and enormous damage to the buildings and surface of the land. Since time immemorial volcanoes frightened people of all ages and were the reason of deaths and catastrophes. The most well-known historical fact connected with volcano eruption is the eruption in Pompeii. The eruption of the volcano of Mount Vesuvius caused thousands of deaths of people and destroyed the whole town Pompeii, which became a symbol of the effect of volcanic eruptions.

Volcanoes are classified into several types: active, inactive and extinct. Active volcanoes are those, which erupt in our times, so that we can see this process now. Inactive volcanoes have been active some time before, but there is a possibility that they will erupt in any moment.Vesuvius was considered a sleeping or inactive volcano but suddenly destroyed the whole town. Finally, extinct volcanoes are believed like the dead ones or volcanoes which will never erupt any more.

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Volcanic eruption causes not only damage with lava but volcanic dust which fills the air during the eruption can cause troubles and air catastrophes, so all the flights before and after eruption are cancelled.It is quite difficult to predict the volcanic eruption, but geologists have got reliable equipment, which predicts eruption without mistakes. Years ago the best way to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions was to observe the behavior of the domestic animals. For example, cats, dogs and cattle feel these natural disasters several days earlier and give the chance to escape in time. When one is asked to complete a good case study, he has to research the general information about volcanoes in order to realize the mechanism of their activity and their cause and effect sides. One can spend much time to investigate the problem profoundly and even more time to research the suggested case for the analysis.

A well-investigated case is the key to success of the whole paper, so one should read encyclopedias and periodicals to collect data about the case and draw smart conclusions after the analysis.Very often the best way to find information about the case and the way of its analysis is a free case study on volcanoes in Iceland. Most papers in the Internet are prepared by the professional writers who have devoted much time to give students the idea of proper paper writing. If you read free sample case studies on volcanoes in the web, you will manage to compose and format the best paper of this type.