Montserrat Case Study

Monetarists infamous volcano, Chances Peak, has been erupting continuously since the 18th July 1 995, the first eruption in 350 years. The eruption was proved by scientists to be the equivalent volume of 100,000 cars every day and In the first four months of this eruption the island suffered many Jets of steam and small explosions. Consequently, the earthquakes were large enough to shake the ground after three years of earthquakes. Two years after the first eruption on the 25th June 1997, 19 people lost their lives.

Montmartre Is one of eleven Islands with an active volcano In the Caribbean, the Island Is 100 squared km In area, and km from North to South In width.

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Montmartre Is a small Island In the Caribbean. There Is a volcanic area located In the south of the Island on Sufferer Hills called Chances Peak. Before 1 995 it had been dormant for over 300 years. In 1995 the volcano began to give off warning signs of an eruption, which were reported as many small earthquakes and eruptions of dust and ash. Once Chances Peak had woken up it then remained active for five ears.

In 1 996, the lava dome grew xx faster than before, causing parasitic flows from the large collapses flew into Plymouth on the 3rd August destroying the central parts of the town.

The most intense eruptions occurred in 1997. Although in 1996 on the 17th September, many houses were destroyed and many caught on fire, and most importantly a major part of the lava dome collapsed. And on the 25th June 1997, 19 people lost their lives, despite the evacuations, as they traveled back towards the volcanic area.

These eruptions affected the economy greatly, as most businesses, such as farming, was situated in Plymouth. Momentarily, the people of Montmartre are rebuilding.

Scientists proved by 2001 over cubed of magma had erupted from Chances Peak since the first eruption. Also, since the volcano awoke, the only proven safeguarded area on the island is the Northern area, unfortunately this area is not large enough to accommodate everyone evacuating, consequently most people left the island forever causing only 67% of the population remaining on the Island.