Chaiten Case Study

This is a destructive margin, where the denser NCAA plate is subjected beneath the less dense continental lithosphere of the South American plate. Chit©n explosive because the lava is Rollick has high gas pressure and high Silica content. Chit©n is also part of the world’s longest fold mountain chain, the Andes Mountains.

USGS conducting Real-time seismic monitoring. Eruption: In May 2008, Chit©n began erupting violently, producing numerous plumes, peristaltic flows, minor earthquakes and Lars, and building a new lava dome on he north side of the old one.

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The ash cloud was up to 17 kilometers high and was visible on satellite images for hundreds of kilometers over the Atlantic. This area of Chile has reasonably low population density.

Only the towns of Chit©n and Futile are in the vicinity. Impacts: Eruption has had serious consequences for the nearby town of Chalet©n, inundating it with Lars and ash, and ash from the eruption has even disrupted travel and agriculture in surrounding countries. Chit©n blanketed with ash. 4,000 people who lived there were evacuated by boat.

The town of Futile, with about 1,000 residents, was also evacuated.

Lars had cut communications in areas and made access difficult whilst ash falls up to CACM deep had blocked rivers and contaminated water supplies. Just one death caused by stress. Responses Chilean government ordered the complete evacuation of the town. Residents were told not to drink the water.

Chilean officials distributed fastbacks and fresh water. The Chilean government ordered km exclusion around the town. Financial lad to small businesses was granted and 90 day freeze on payment of existing loans.