Case Study on Water Pollution

Water Pollution Case Study:

Water pollution is the intoxication, littering and contamination of water resources.

This type of pollution is considered to be the most serious and dangerous kinds of the environmental pollution, because without pure drinking water the humanity will never survive or live healthy life. Water is polluted in different ways. Mostly it is connected with the human activity and the industrial development of the humanity. People use clean water for industry at factories and plants and the industrial wastes are pored back into the rivers and lakes which intoxicates everything. One of the most dangerous factors which cause water pollution is oil. Very often there are accidents with the transportation of the oil, during which it appears in the water and pollutes it tremendously.

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Furthermore, it not only pollutes water but kills fish, animals and birds living nearby, that is why every accident connected with oil often costs many lives and much money. The most stressing situation with water pollution is observed in the developing countries which just start their industrial development. As a result the majority of countries in Africa and Asia have serious problems connected with water pollution and many regions do not have pure water at all, which causes epidemics, diseases and high rates of children death. More rich and developed countries have understood the danger of water pollution and they are looking for the way out from such a situation.There are many ways to avoid water pollution but the humanity should first of all realize the necessity to cope with this problem.

In order to cope with water pollution people use special filters at their factories and plants, do not throw industrial and any kinds of wastes into the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. A good case study is expected to describe the problem from all sides and show the necessity to solve it as quick as possible. A case study is always based on the situation or case connected with water pollution in the certain area, country or even the whole planet. A student is expected to investigate the case professionally, analyze its cause and effect, realize the seriousness of the problem and offer useful ways out for the problem.Writing a case study is a difficult process for students who have no writing experience and they often look for good writing help in the Internet. A free example case study on water pollution in India and Yamuna (for instance) is quite a useful assistance for students who have no idea about the rules and general standards of case study writing.

Due to a well-analyzed free sample case study on water pollution in Delhi one can collect data and ideas for the research and learn to write a well-composed properly paper on the topic.