Case Study Shield Financial

He did not use his resources that were available to him when he needed them. Summary of the Facts Doug Bloom was the top sales representative for the last four years in the Atlanta office and was promoted to Sales Manager for Des Monies office (Croon & Declared, 2009).

Training was overwhelming. He was put into an office that was failing before he took It over (Croon & Declared, 2009). Des Monies was not only getting a new Sales Manager but at the same time they were getting a new sales program. Analysis Doug Bloom should first organize the details for a strategic plan.

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In this plan, he should include the account relationship strategy as they need to develop the relationship with their customers. List the specific measurable goals for the organization as well as the Des Monies office (Croon & Declared, 2009).

These are similar to the current relationships the sales representatives have with their current customers. By listing the goals for the organization, would show the contrast of the current program verses the new program and show how the sales representative could make more money as well as the company.

List the competition to see where the company is compared to other similar organizations. This will show the competitive analysis and the advantages that they have over their competition. Cons are the current sales representatives can make more commission with the smaller to medium accounts than with the larger accounts. It takes longer to get a larger account than it would for a medium to smaller account, which corporate is not aware of.

Pros are the company wants to be competitive with their competition. They want to target the larger corporations market.

By using the new strategic plan, would bring the sales representatives more as a team than Just individuals. Recommendations First, in the staff meeting, he should of given the background on himself and inform the staff that he will be meeting with them on an individual bases to get to know them. During the individual meetings, he should let the sales representative tell them about themselves and their sales accounts. He should ask them all, what are some of the tools that they need to be able to close sales accounts.

Doug should map UT a plan to Introduce the new program with timeliness. He should organize the training echelons Tort ten sales representatives Tort ten new program. He needs to introduce the new program showing the positive side and then address the challenges. He should then meet with a small group of sales representatives at a time to go over this new program instead of having a huge large staff meeting. Also, when address any major changes, instead of a memo, meet with the staff to address any changes to the current procedures.

The ride-a-long he did with Tiffany to a large count, made him realize that larger accounts will take longer to sell than smaller accounts. He needs to inform corporate as soon as possible. The situation with Tiffany Williams and Bill Johnson, Doug should first, refer to the policy manuals to avoid any personnel issues. He should also contact Ray Cody, the UP of Human Resources and Liz Shuts, the district director regarding the personnel issues. The training program is too short and should be extended to a three week program since there is so much important information that needs to be covered.