Case Study Should You Listen To The Customer

Communication between the two parties Is the biggest problem identified In this case. There Is Elizabeth and Natalie on one side and Henry on the other. The difference here Is that one side was able to clearly state his side. They are all artists and do not appreciate the interference with their artistic side. Natalie is part of this company Owe to ten Tact Tanat seen was a talented Ana respected cancer Walt Elizabeth, on the other hand, has to earn the boards respect by respecting the artistic talent and following the company’s values.

She failed to communicate effectively how customer intelligence can help the company’s mission. She continues to refer to the company as “you” not including her as part of the team. Natalie also did not present the case with enough confidence to the board. Both Natalie and Elizabeth failed to present key points about the survey. For example, the surveys can point out the most valuable points from their customers, what days customers prefer to go see the shows, etc. Henry discontinued the mask from future performances showing that in fact, he is open to customer feedback.

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This is another point that Elizabeth and Natalie may have presented to the board in regards to the surveys. Conducting a survey asking about children attending the shows would have solved this issue. Elizabeth and Natalie are faced with two alternatives. Either they remain as is, like Henry would like, or the board accepts the customer survey Elizabeth is proposing. As a reader, we do not have sufficient information on what the surveys consist of.

All we know is how simplistic they are. Henry cannot see how these surveys will benefit the company. He was not given sufficient information to determine what these surveys will be used for.

At this point, it is not feasible for Delicacies to shift from an artistic centered company to a customer centered company. Obviously, customers are coming to these shows to see something they have never seen before; they are coming to be impressed. These dancers are what make this company rise above the rest in this market.

The smuts comment made by Henry was intended to show Natalie that he was not ready to sacrifice his artistic enterprise for some extra profit. Henrys decision to reject the plan, as it was presented, was fair. He knows that Delicacies owes its success to the performances and talent of the dancers.

Natalie has agreed to go with surveys against Henrys wishes. The simple questionnaire Elizabeth has in mind will not be sufficient to gather enough information for the expansion.

A better approach would be to interview select customers and use their feedback to enhance future performances. Elizabeth should involve Natalie and Henry as much as possible since they have extensive artistic background. The dancers should also be connected to the audience in order to get feedback and possible future ideas. Creativity and performance goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction. Customers should be heard in order to get the best possible outcome.