Case Study Snapple

Background Information Snapped Corporation was established way back to 1972 In Brooklyn, New York when brothers-in-law, Leonard Marsh and Hyman Golden, left their window-washing equines and teamed up with Marsh’s childhood friend and health food store owner Arnold Greenberg to sell pure fruit Juice as the “Unadulterated Food Products Co. ” The name was inspired by their Apple soda creation last 1978. The soda had felled so much that several bottles exploded – inspiring the “snap” in the drinks eventual name. They bought the rights to the name from a man in Texas for what then seemed like a very expensive price of $500.

Over time they established themselves as the “first company to produce a complete line of all-natural beverages,” that was “Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.

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Then in the asses, Snapped essentially created the non-carbonated segment of ready-to-drink beverages with its introduction of ready-to-drink fruit Juices and iced teas. Snapped was also the first company to sell Its drinks In single serving, wide-mouthed glass bottles, rather than the ubiquitous aluminum cans. By the late asses, growing ranks of health-conscious consumers were snapping up Snapped products as an alternative to soda.

By III , Snapped emerged as a nationally recognized brand. In the asses, Snapped Corporation was one of the leading “New Age” beverage brands hen the category was Just beginning to take off. Snapped Corporation was bought by Quaker Oats Company for 1.

7 billion in 1994. However, the company was unable to capitalize on the brand’s previous success. In 1997, Quaker sold Snapped to Tartaric Beverage Group for $300 million. Tartaric had successfully resurrected the Snapped brand but later sold the company to Academy Cheapest for 1. 45 billion.

Academy Cheapest then faced a challenge of maintaining Snapper’s brand strength in an increasingly competitive beverage market.

II. Problem Statement When Academy Cheapest bought Snapped to Tartaric, the company then faced a halogen on how and what marketing activities should be employed to attract consumers and to revivalist the brand. Academy Cheapest targets to convey Snapper’s independent spirit but neglect from distancing its true image while at the same time realizing efficiencies by combining Snapped with its other American beverage operations.

Ill. Analysis of Data Importance and Urgency As mentioned earlier, Academy is challenged to employ the right marketing activities to attract consumers and to revivalist the brand. The presentation of the problem is relevant to be acquainted with Snapper’s previous success when it was still an independent company.

Also, attending to the company’s challenge would help Snapped rejuvenate the brand and communicate it to consumers. Cause: Tartaric Beverage Group resurrected Snapped from its struggle under Quaker Oats Management.

Effect: The cause has led to the purchase of Snapped by Academy Cheapest. The buying company had high hopes for synergies and cost benefits that could be gained from the purchase. I en purchase AT Snapped Beverage Group mace carry a leader In non-carbonate premium New Age beverage. Its sale to Academy represented the final step in Snapper’s turnaround in the hands of Tartaric management.

Constraints and Opportunities Quaker Oats was unable to capitalize on the brand’s success way back when Snapped is still an independent company.

So, Quaker had decided to sell Snapped to Tartaric. Tartaric Beverage Group became the mind behind Snapper’s reborn in the New Age beverage market. Through Triad’s expectations of gaining $700 million from Snapper’s sale, Academy purchased Snapped Beverage Group. This had led to the challenge of Academy in capitalizing and maintaining brand strength of Snapped. IV.

Discussion of Several Alternative Solutions Each possible option could address the problem with logical discourse(s) through sighing each pros and cons. 1 . Academy should bring back “Little Fruits” themed advertisements.

Pros The message “With fruit Joined together, it’s a special thing” emphasizes new product lines of Snapped. Aids Snapper’s independence but reside on its roots and at the same time adding up to other Academy lines of beverage. This ad may help Academy revivalist Snapped from its image.

Efficiency in the use of resources of the company. Cons Consumers may compare this advertisement from its past advertisements. The advertisement may create minimal dispersion of views regarding brand image due to arioso lines under Academy. 2.

Strengthen new product innovations at Snapped by out-of-the-paper marketing efforts (Events Marketing, Sponsorship Marketing) Pros It is new to the eyes of consumers.

It increases brand awareness in an untraditional way It creates a more active participation of consumers. It creates a more distanced image of Snapped from its original image. Holding events and sponsorships is too costly. We cannot assure success because of Snapper’s new independent spirit. V.

Recommendation We have discussed in the group to choose the first option which is to make Academy

Drill Dacca “L e our ” teamed advertisements AT Snapped. I Nils move would truly revivalist the brand without distancing Snapped from its original image. Though bringing back Little Fruits themed advertisements may create minimal dispersion of views regarding brand image due to various lines under Academy, the message “With fruit Joined together, it’s a special thing” can emphasize its image in fruit beverage segment and its new product lines. This can also aid in Snapper’s independence but reside on its roots and at the same time adding up to other Academy lines of beverage.