Case study Speech

James Ready Good morning and welcome to the Case study surrounding – the leadership challenges of James Ready. In order to discuss James Ready as a leader, his leadership style must be discussed and further analyses. James Ready transformational leadership type is shown by his unique visionary and charismatic leadership attributes (John R, 2002, p.

363). Ready, also known as a philanthropist, Is one of Indonesian most recognized and successful business leaders, part of Indonesian largest business conglomerates. HIS success Is viewed through his remarkable

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Impact of Indonesian economic growth In the asses (John R, 2002, p. 364). Like most business leaders, Ready faced many difficulties wealth his managerial business career.

As chairman of the Lippy Group,he has been forced to endure much crystals during difficult times Including the time he was forced to pay the largest US fine for breaching election campaign finance laws Noon R, 2002, p. 363). The case our group will explore, discusses problems associated with the transformational theory of which is associated heavily with James Ready. The problems associated with the

Transformational Leadership as a management issue includes an implementation of change, trust and ability to take criticism as well as potential problems associated. We will also discuss the theories analyses which are relevant when discussing the management issue.

The theories include the behavioral theory and the trait theory. The behavioral theory is dependent on the interaction of factors including the leader’s task motivations and their behavior. The possibilities to resolve future management problems as well as recommendations for the future is crucial when dealing with potential future management problems.