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The key components of strategic planning Include an understanding of a vision, mission, values and strategies. Strategic planning is a step by step process with definite objectives and end products that can be implemented and evaluated. Very simply, it is a process by which we look into the future and influence the forces that will affect us. Strategic planning looks three to five years ahead. It charts a definite course based on strong Indicators of what the business environment will be like in those years. Heeding and Struggles international Inc had a plan to set In place to get he right people for the right Job to help with the success.

Kelvin Kelly became the CEO in attacking over a firm that despite its strong brand and positive performance in absolute terms. Had lost market leadership. The organization had fallen from number one to number three. His job was to gain that leadership back. The executive search industry faced massive upheaval on the basis of demographic opportunities shifting customers needs and the challenges posed by technology driven alternatives to the traditional executive search model.

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So how can Kelly get ahead of changes In the Industry? Identification of the major issues surrounding the organization or individuals involved with the organization. Securing the buy in of the consultants. Expanding the firms brand Into leadership consulting. Whether the current culture and compensation system would have to be changed In order for these strategic indicatives to be understood and implemented. Consultants argued that being a publicity listed firm was unalloyed benefit the problem was as employees of Headrace hey felt like the values of private partnership they was still suppose to be treated as partners.

The PIP occurred at the height of technology and equities bubbles.

There was little of structured and system either to help managed the flow of information and Issues upward across the firm or to organize and carry out policy and process Implementation. Strategic matters. E y started a moonlit company a Outline strategy to making 0 Identification of alternate courses of action to address the issues identified. Kelly started building stable global key accounts to both broaden and deepen revises and to optimize Headrace client portfolio.

Complementing the executive search business by investing further leadership consulting.

Growing Headrace own human capital through international development and significantly recruitment activity. Investing in technology to enhanced productivity. Kelly supported an array of new technology. Headrace was in the process of taking minority stakes with the options to purchase more in technology firms that addressed the aspect of the future direction of the search business.

This will allow them to manage the impact on uncial performance and allow them to try out multiple versions of a services offering at minimal risk. Maintain a high end brand image to maintain brand visibility and attract the attention of the world.

Headrace partner with the World Economic Forum to asses to some Individuals nominated each year for inclusion in a global forum for upcoming talent. Headrace also published articles and books on topics related to search and leadership consulting. 0 The decision or recommendation for action, with the appropriate supporting arguments.

My recommendation is that Headrace broaden its range of services offering executive search knowledge gained from search experiences. Create a new competitive advantage. Offering new ways to enhance leadership teams.

Heidegger should also trained consultants to become coaches and mentors to new hires and accountability for the success of new hires. They should hire stages experts as well as chief innovation officers to explore potential new service offering and business models. Offer services globally in India, China, Europe and Russia.

The search insulate needs to work harder to stay in first place. Make sure employee know the dynamics of the industry and understand the client’s needs and wants. Headrace should focus on stating at the top and do everything possible to work effetely.

Conclusion Strategic relates to all companies that are successful and willing to change with the times when necessary. Headrace had to learn that bring in new ideas and new people within the organization will bring on new and great ideas to motivate employees and to maintained the top successful business.