Case study Vary

How I would support Para’s sense of autonomy is by being fair minded and begin to prepare Vary by empowering her to be able to continue life without counseling, giving Vary the opportunity to work through situations in her own time, and being able to cope if mistakes or challenges arise and to confidently work through them herself. I would also discuss with Vary her accomplishments she has made through counseling, her goals she has achieved and the positive changes she has made to better her life. As well as empower Vary by signifying the changes she has made were accomplished by her not myself.


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How I would inform Vary about opportunities and further support is by letting her know that I understand how difficult and a little distressing it is to ND the counseling process, and while it Initially may be a little scary and overwhelming, It does mark another stage or step In her life that she can embrace. I would then discuss with Vary about having a follow-up session with her in three months’ time. With having a break between sessions will help her adjust to the thought of being independent and learning how to deal with any struggles or issues that may arise without relying on counseling. I would then allow Vary to discuss how she feels about the termination and assist her to deal with the loss of this legislations In a kind and gentle way.


Three key steps to assist the ending of the counseling process with Vary are planning, structuring and contracting endings. Firstly I would have taken the opportunity earlier in our previous sessions to discuss the planning and preparing of when our final session will be and encourage her to talk about her feelings and concerns in relation to the closing stages of the counseling process and give her a chance to describe to me how she feels she will cope after our final meeting.

This will allow Vary time to reflect and explore her linings she has regarding the ending process, help encourage Vary to prepare and move towards more Independence, gain a new motivation to solve and manage her own issues and not be so reliant on counseling. I would also review with Vary what she has learnt about herself through counseling and help her identify the successes she has accomplished through counseling. As well as give Vary a chance to talk about goals she wasn’t able to achieve in counseling and look at ways or other options to resolve those Issues.


An example of what I could say to Vary when ending counseling and to ensure any underlying Issues are managed Is I would suggest to Vary that we try to come up with some coping strategies and ways to manage the core issues. To help Vary have a better understanding of the underlying issues and be confident to be able to manage after counseling, I would ask Vary to look at the ways she has previously achieved goals and the strategies she has used to get through dulcet situations In the past and allow her to think about what has worked In the past and what hasn’t worked. By doing this should allow Vary to see Nat seen does nave ten coping Skills to De addle to manage well rater counseling Ana have the ability to handle any difficulties that may arise.

6. An example of one of the session notes with Vary : Clients Name: Vary D.

O. B: 16/7/1958 Marital status: married Occupation: part time translator session date: 30/8/2014 Assessment Progress: Vary has gained more confidence, has become more aware of her options and has increased her possibilities to achieve a positive result. Client description: Vary seems to have a lot more energy and drive in her now and appears to have more motivation.

Subjective compliant: Vary has marriage problems, is unhappy with in the marriage, she feels trapped and I think there are a few communication barriers between Vary and her husband. Objective finding: Vary seems a lot more certain of her situation and has gained more insight into her situation.

She also is showing a bit of relief now that she has communicated with Ales about how she feels with in the marriage. Plans for next session: I would like to focus on Vary feelings and her attitude she has now regarding her future plans and how is coping with the change in routine.