Case Study Week

Please complete this sheet with your mentor and submit it to your instructor. Date of Meeting: 06/03/13 Meeting Duration: 1 her 30 min 1 . Meeting notes – what was discussed during your meeting? En discussed if mentoring had influenced her in any way in her organization.

I Anted to know if mentoring me has changed any views she has, or procedures. We discussed different information and tactics. She explained what her inspirations and titivation were to keep going and fighting for her business.

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My mentor is a courageous woman, not a lot of people have the mental capacity or ability to create “hat she has. I am in awe of her and I expressed to her what a privilege it was to have her as my mentor.

She has asked me to keep going with her and she will show me everything she has learned over the years. We have agreed to meet every three Knees. 2. What issues have you encountered since the last meeting and how did you address them? Since the last meeting, I did not encounter any issues but she discussed a situation hat she had this week, and how she handled it.

In her business hair products are sold, employees are to record the products sold under a specific general ledger account. My mentor had noticed that product inventory was a lot less than it should be based on funds recorded for items sold.

On Tuesday, she decided to take the day off and she sat at home and reviewed the security system. Around 3 p. M. , she noticed that a client requested hair product. The product was sold at $14, which is the price for a haircut. When my mentor arrived at work, she noticed that the product had not en recorded but two $14 haircuts were recorded.

Right then she knew exactly what Nas going on. She took count of inventory and sales and she calculated a $2,529. 00 loss. She held a meeting with all the employees and explained the situation. She expressed her findings and relayed to the entire team that behavior like that would not be tolerated and that she hopes that it does not happen again.

The team was Informed that funds for missing inventory would come from their paycheck. She is ‘ere rigid when it comes to lies, stealing, and situations like these. She does not tolerate it. Discuss a change your mentor implemented and what types to challenges en or she encountered. What were some of the successful and unsuccessful points during the implementation? My mentor expressed that change is very difficult. For her even changing staff seating is hard and can become a complicated issue.

She recently had a complete makeover of her salon and she expressed how it was the hardest thing she ever did. Her staff had been in the same position for years so implementing this new arrangement took her staff a while to get accustomed.

She said that her biggest challenge were the older generation employees they were not happy. My mentor said that she implemented the changes slowly so that it would not be a big hit all at once. Irish was very successful except for the time it took and how costly it was. She says next time she will do it in 2 segments instead of 5 only because of the cost and the Anita to see everything how she envisioned.

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