Case Study You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

Gene YK’s download and use non-sanctioned IT Tools while at work or using company technology and often compromising software like instant messaging software and open-source technologies. What’s happening is quite simple, but very dangerous. Having/slung them on company technology opens a door for hackers and data thieves to enter unnoticed Into your organizations Information assets. But Gene Y are not even aware that they are causing potential compromises.

Question and Answer( Legend:Q=Question,A=Answer) IQ . Think of yourself as a business manager. You have employees you supervise and you are responsible for ensuring that they meet dally work quotas. But, you find they are spending a couple of hours per day shopping online, chatting with friends through instant messaging, and so on. How do you motivate your employees to perform their work? How do you restrict them from non-work-related activities without creating a stifling, boring, and dull workplace? AH .

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As a manager, I am responsible and takes charge of all the activities that involve in my company and It Is very necessary for me to have an employee which has a knowledge to perform and sites to their task properly and willing to abide the rules and regulation of my company.

Discipline is a must. They should focus to their job assignment and use their time properly especially during working hours. And as a Manager I must know what the different types of Managerial functions . And one of it is directing that refers to motivation, communication and leadership.

I am the Manager so I will be the one to motivate my employees by communicating them with the power of leadership.

To motivate them to perform their work will give them Incentives or rewards to make them productive. I may Increase their wages to encourage them to reform their task well. By restricting them I think will not work because their life are attach to the technology – that most of the time of their work they are in front of the computer that maybe will tempt to open a social networking site or shopping site that is not related to their work.

I will not totally restrict them but instead I will allow them to do their non-work-related activities during breakable. They deserve a little break that will make them calm and not so stressful.

I will take a survey from them that deals with knowing what they would suggest in order to have a pleasant workplace hat will affect them in a good way. In that, my employees will be encourage to work well. Q. The case study mentioned the need for employee education.

What elements would you Include In an education program for helping employees better understand ten dangers In wanly teeny place ten organization’s II Understructure Day slung technology the wrong way while at work? AH.

It is better to conduct an orientation the moment that they are employed in the company. This will help them to have a better understanding regarding to their task such as the general rules and regulations and the proper using of the IT infrastructure of the company. Using technology in the wrong way while at work will cause a great damage and failure to do their task in the company.

Sometimes it will be lost of the company and their reputation will destroy. And also I can include short cases of organizations that have been compromised because of unsafe software, having a fellow Gene Y person make the presentation, showing safe computing habits. ‘ will illogicalness the things that can happen in the organization if the employees are continuous in doing things online that are not related in their work, also the harmful effects on it not Just on organization but on hem also that they will no longer focused on their work responsibilities and they taking their work at risk that they can be fired and out of the company.


Q. Beyond the compromises caused to IT infrastructure, what do you see wrong with shopping online while at work? Is this illegal or unethical, perhaps both, or neither? AH. Nothing is wrong about the shopping online because it’s your money that you spending with but during your work it is both illegal and at the same time unethical. T is said to be illegal because before working at the company, there is a certain contract that they should sign stated that they should abide the rules and isolations of the company, including: the proper used of their time for their work and do their task without doing unnecessary actions such as chatting with the others. Also, it is unethical because it could be unfair to the others who were doing their task properly while the others are Just wasting their time, having their salary doing wrong things.

You employed in the organization to work, you are subjected to work with all of your knowledge, skill and focused because your being paid by the company and doing something not related to your work is not good. It’s definitely grounds for similar from employment. But then, people may or may not see it as unethical, because so many people do it. Q. Read the acceptable use policy (ALP) for your school. Are you doing anything with your school’s technology that violates the ALAS? If so, what is it? How prevalent among other students is the violation?

Does widespread violation somehow or another make it okay? AH.

(Since our school have no ALP, answers are based on computer laboratory ordinance,rules and regulations). Yes, sometimes I play games installed in the computer which is strictly prohibited based on the ordinance issued by the President. Let is very common since students have saved games on their flash drives and through this they can install and play games they want anytime but they make sure that they do this in the absence of their teachers.

No, because even violation is wallpaper awe rater ten next cay teeny well ah It gall Ana gall. Q.

Why do you think Gene Y is being singled out? Wouldn’t it make sense that people in other age groups also put a company at risk by misusing technology? What is so different and unique about Gene Y? AH. Generation Y grew up with technology and rely on it to perform their Jobs better. Gene Y is the digital generation, and thus uses technology more, especially those types of tools that can compromise security. Yes, other age groups misuse technology but not to the extent of Gene Y.

As law firms compete for available talent, employers cannot ignore the needs, desires and attitudes of this vast generation. Millennial grew up with easy access to computers, constant connection to the internet, and smart phones in-hand.

They’re accustomed to using technology in every part of their lives and fully believe in its power to make their lives easier. This generation dreams without limits. They’re in search of two things – money and happiness. Q. Would you consider working for a company that prohibited access to social networking sites, gaming, blobs, and online shopping while at work?

Why or why not? How about in the defense industry? In certain places within defense organizations, you’re not allowed to carry cell phones and the like because you can take photos and videos with them. Do you want to work there? Why or why not? AH.

Yes. Working in the company that prohibited access to social networking sites, gaming, and online shopping is something gives discipline to the employee regarding ongoing something not related to their work and also these things must be done not in your workplace but in your own place like in your house and in your own computer.

In the company that cell phones and other similar to it that can take pictures and videos are not allowed, why or why not work in this kind if organization? For me it’s alright ,we all know that cell phone is convenience way to communicate to others most of the time in emergency, so not carrying cell phone is hard for me to follow but if the company is great and there’s a lot of benefits or good salary for their employees I will, they Just do it for their own safety.