The Worst Breakfast Ever

The Worst Breakfast Ever “Children require guidance and sympathy for more than instruction” (BrainyQuote).I am in Alabama at the Keller`s homestead. I just had the worst breakfast ever. Throughout this essay ,I Annie, will explain how I handled the time when I taught Helen how to eat from her own plate and behave.

My thoughts and feeling are on edge. This is going to be hard to teachanything else to Helen the way she acts. Helen been spoiled too much by this family. She may think I’ll live but I’m not and I’m going to help her. I am very worried and concern for helen.

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I am concerned that when I am not around she’ll unlearn what I taught. I am worried that she is not learning enough or staying in her head. I am worried the family will not listen to what I say for what I have to teach Helen. Here are my plans to handle the situation. I plan to ask to have two weeks alone with Helen to teach her. Helen and I will stay in the garden house where she will depend on me.

But two weeks is not enough in the garden house. I learned that Helen can learn. Also learned that Helen is intelligent. I learned that this family can come together to help Helen. And I learned that Captain Keller can be understanding.