Cause and Effect Essay: When Pride in Your School Spills Over into Violence

The cause of school violence is multifaceted and cannot be solved via just one method. However, one of the lesser known reasons for school violence is school pride.

I intend to show how the eventuality of violence may be caused by something as innocent as school pride.Violence at sporting events is common enoughIt is not common enough to cause a problem, but it has happened enough to ensure that most sporting matches are heavily policed. The cause of the violence may actually be the lack of it on the game. Though it is most likely due to frustrations of the fans. The frustration felt by the fans is often enough to cause the violence. With school violence it is not often amongst the students.

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Many times it is between the adult members including parents. A large part of this may be due to the alcohol that adults are allowed to consume at larger sporting events. That may be the cause of what eventually leads to violence.Stealing the team mascot of another schoolThe theft of a school mascot may lead to violence within the school. It leads to anger, resentment and general bad feelings. These may spill over into violence when the wronged school students meet up with the students of the school who stole the mascot.

The cause of the violence may not be the theft of the mascot. The theft itself may be an effect. The theft may be motivated by team spirit or school pride, but it is most likely caused by adults encouraging unhealthy competition. They put the pressure on the students to do all they can to win and create a feeling of animosity. The kids therefore expect and receive praise and adulation for doing something that hurts the other team (such as stealing the mascot). This sort of thing may eventually escalate up to the point of violence.

Defacing another schoolFor the same reasons as stealing a mascot, a student or team of students may deface something of an opposing school. Their reasons are the same as when they steal a mascot, however, in these cases the most common response is on in kind. The opposing school will probably hit back by defacing the school of the urinal perpetrators.The cause of the defacing is the same as the cause of the mascot stealing. The only difference is that the defacing often has less violent come-backs.

It takes a little longer and a lot more aggravation before any sort of violence occurs.Competition placed on a school by teachersThis is probably one of the bigger causes of unhealthy competition that eventually causes competition. The unknowing parent encouraging competition at sporting events is also doing the same thing.ConclusionPeople are going to look violence within a school setting, but most are just there to socialize and learn. It is possible for school pride to create causes that eventually turn into effects such as violence.

Ergo it is possible for school pride to cause violence.