The Effect of Art in School

Imagine a world without any type of art. With art, people are more creative and get to visualize possibilities. The purpose of this essay is to show the effect of art in school. First, people are more creative with art.

People have more ideas and could be inspired to create inventions to help the world. For example, art students can create something for cleaning the earth’s pollution. Also, art can teach others. For example, students will learn how to express themselves and the history behind the piece of art. People with art experience may be interested in research.

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They will want to find out more of how the artist got inspired. People will have more ideas and be more creative. Students get to visualize possibilities when they take art classes. First, they visualize when they read and understand books. Also, they prepared us for careers.

Students are going to like using colors to show their emotions and feelings. Art helps students in school by creating a famous drawing to make that student famous and well known. Students will understand the world like inspire people to do the right thing. Visualization is good for everything. Art is the best way to learn.

Art makes people be creative and visualize everything. The world and society change with art. The world depends on art because the world needs color and to be inspired. The society depends on art to show what people feel about a certain law and to not use violence against it.