Celcom Case Study IT

Introduction Cellos, is the oldest telecommunication company in Malaysia. Being the longest In the Industry In Malaysia, Cellos are being a leader In this Industry by claiming that the coverage of dual-band GSM coverage has reached 99% of Malaysia’s populated areas. Cellos has also emerged as Malaysia’s no.

L Broadband provider as they recorded 857,000 users In year 2010. Type of Business and Target Customers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can create a database about Cello’s customers’ relationships so that sufficient details can be obtained easily.

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Through this system, the management is able to match customer needs with product plans and offerings. Besides the management, customers can also access the information. CRM system enables Cellos to understand Its customers’ profiles and behaviors better.

This will help Cellos to deliver greater value to their customers.

The Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) system Is used by Cellos to manage user access to Its network resources efficiently. Sing the same password, users are able to sign on to different enterprise systems through the ERM software. It makes it simpler for Cellos to control and keep track of which systems, resources each user has access to and provides consistent standards for creating and changing passwords. Cellos Arches is a type of mobile bill payment service that can be used for the customers to access and perform their financial transactions instantly. The financial transactions include utility bill payments, postpaid payments and many more.

It can be accessed through mobile phones anywhere and anytime.

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Customers are allowed to transfer money to other Cellos Larch users, remit money to foreign countries and top up mobile alertly reload to customer’s own number.

Using Transaction Processing system (TAPS), customers’ data are recorded via e-commerce or through retail stores whenever they make business transactions such as checking the amount of their bills, payments, withdrawals and many more. The data will later be processed to gain useful information and stored. This system can assist additional transactions in Cellos and generate more data.

It is very efficient as he transactions can be processed quickly after customers pay online. Future International systems Plans Cello’s future plans in relation to information system focuses on their newly launched Machine to Machine (MM) connected services.

Machine to machine (MM) allows wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type. Cellos has openly stated that they are shifting their focus from voice and SMS segments to digital services. Being in its infancy, the MM system shows much promise for future developments in Cello’s solutions sector.

The expansion into this system will allow Cellos to manage their participating partner’s informational sharing more effectively and efficiently. The new MM service will enable customers to experience real-time billing, self-service, usage threshold management and added monitoring features.

In utilizing this method, the company has allowed their consumers to optimize their Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to get the best results in terms of facilitating the flow of information between all business functions inside and outside the organization.