Cell Phone Crisis

Don’t you hate the fact that when you go to school you’re not allowed to use your cell phone? Dislike that you can’t text your friends back or finish an early morning conversation? This is all because of unfair cell phone policies in certain schools.

At schools across the nation, cell phone use is becoming a growing problem. To teachers, a cell phone out in class is the teacher’s worst enemy. Kids are now using the picture taking capabilities and texting to steal and take pictures of answers on tests and such, and send them to their peers. Some students take bathroom breaks to text or call their friends or family. At some schools, like Milton High School in Janesville, WI, say, “The school created the policy as a compromise.

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Officials believe if they students time to use their phones between classes, they’ll be less tempted to use them during class, Pape said.” Other schools think differently. Schools like Whitewater High School say that students are allowed to carry cell phones as long as they are turned off during school hours. The exception is that students are allowed to use their cell phones for safety or emergency reasons. It’s not really all that fair for schools like Milton High that let their kids use their cell phones in between classes and during their lunch period.

Why can’t all schools be like that? I understand the fact that they go off in the middle of class and disrupt lessons, and become nuisances to teachers, but a school like mine would probably prosper better with a cell phone policy like Milton’s. If the cell phone policy in schools across America were mostly the same, then students would be less tempted to take out their phones during class and text friends. Cell phone policies are unfair, and need to be changed.