Cell Phones!!!

Schools around the country are banning cell phones in class.

My school doesn’t let us have cell phones either. Instead my school has pur students put their phones in their locker from the beginning to the end of school. But that doesn’t stop us from sneaking them into class.But this doesnt help anything. we should be able to have cell phones in class.

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” Over 100 students were suspended last month at Wilburn cross high school in new Haven Connecticut.” this information came from msnbc. Do you believe this, students are getting suspended for having there cell phone in class. Kids say they are just checking the time, or they just had it in there pocket, and once they get caught it goes down-hill from there. To begin with we should at least be able to have them in class with us.

Some kids now there friends locker combo and might just get a little phone happy and steal them. Yes it is the students fault for giving there combo away, but still your phone was in your locker, and there is no better place then with you. In addition schools say NO to having cell phones in school but, what if an emergency happens, you never know just how fast those Secretaries are going to get ahold of you. Or what if you are allergic to something and cant get ahold of your parent and the only way is to text them because they are in a meeting? Or what if there is a choking student in your class and someone needs to call 911 and you just happen to have your phone out and have them on sped dial? All these questions came from familyeducation. However people says that kids should be old enough to be unsupervised to have cell phones.

” We could keep them with us till a emergency occurred” says “hsmomlovinit”. I think that Most middle schoolers are mature and will keep them of ad put away during class. I also think that if there is a test the teacher can take them until the students are done with the test, so they don’t cheat on the test. Because distractions are a huge deal in this change to schools. Instead of listening they could be playing games on their phones, but why don’t teachers just make sure that the phones are in the students pockets, and off when needed to be.

Or if the teachers really don’t like it then they can just have a basket and put there phones in there. Altogether students don’t need to be suspended for having our cell phones in class, or we could at ;east have them with us so our friends don’t get into our locker and steel our phones. What if a emergency happens and we need to contact someone. I also agree that middle schoolers also are mature enough to have there phones in class, so just give us a try and just see if it will work out!!!