Should Сell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?

Should cell phones be allowed in schools? I mean cell phones are nice to have. But at times they shouldn’t be allowed in certain places.

Sometimes they also can interrupt a teacher’s direction or even work. The three reasons why I think cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools is that they cause disruptions, gets taken away anyhow, and can get stolen.When students have cell phones in school they forget to turn it off or put it on vibrate. Then it ends up ringing in class. In that case students get off task.

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Some students in addition text during class. By doing that they don’t pay attention in class. Some students even let their phones ring in class on purpose just for the enjoyment of it.Sometimes when the teachers catch the students texting they take their phones away. At that point the students get mad and fuss at the teacher.

Then the teacher has to stop teaching and handle the situation. That can in addition interrupt the other student’s education. By the time the teacher handles the situation the class will be over and the students would have learned nothing.Cell phones can as well get stolen. When cell phones get stolen the students then complain to the teacher that some one took it. There is nothing the teachers can do by this point because if you didn’t see the person that took it they can’t punish the whole class.

In stead of students losing their phones in school they should leave it at home so that it won’t cause that much disturbs.In conclusion students shouldn’t have cell phones in school. The cell phones end up getting taken away. It interrupts the other student’s education. Correspondingly it can cause the whole class to be behind on their work. To stop this from happening they shouldn’t be allowed to bring their cell phones to school.