Cell Phones in School: BAD IDEA!

I think that cell phones in school are a bad idea. I have a cell phone, but I don’t use it during school.

It is used as a distraction. In recent study, 65% of high school students use cell phones during school hours. At my school, I look at how many people use their cell phone during class time, and it’s a bunch of people. What’s funny is that they find new ways to hide the phone so the teacher can’t see them. Here is a list of ways that I see being used: -in their pocket -in their cover (I go to a military school, and a cover is basically a hat) -in their sleeve -in their pants -behind a book -in a purse -in a bag -behind their back -behind their butt -literally behind the teachers back -behind other people -under a desk -cut holes in sweatshirt to see from one view -behind their arm -looking the other way Now that is a pretty long list I would say. They use all those way just to hide their phone, when instead they could be focusing their skills on school work.

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When you use your cell phone during school you don’t see what is being taught, and when you don’t know the information given you end up cheating off of someone else’s work. You go to school to learn, not to learn other ways to learn how to text and hide your phone from your teacher. I think that if you bring a phone to school it should stay in your locker, not in your pocket, bag, purse; est. Cell phones are a distraction during school, so a way for them not to be is not have them on your person.