Censored Websites

Www.myspace.com. Blocked! Has that ever happened to you at school? Well most schools do that.

Because the schools view us as children, they do not think that we can handle myspace, Facebook, AOL, Youtube, EST.… Schools should not censor some internet websites. Schools should not censer websites because they already monitor what you go on and do. So if you do look at something inappropriate, you could still get into trouble.

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So the school would not have to block sites. Teachers could also benefit from sites like you tube. The class could watch educational videos/clips on how to do something. Classes could also hear music for classes like Spanish. Also see things that relate to the culture of a race. Or view a chemical reaction for chemistry.

Even how to relate math in real life like when you would use proofs. But some people would say that to have no censored sites would tempt students to look at inappropriate things. Even with blocked sites students still try to get on those sites so how would that help? Or people would say you can go to myspace, facebook, AOL, youtube, when you get to your house. Schools should not censor websites because some can be educational. That’s why schools should not censor websites.