Central Society of America

This book examines the gradual growth of the unequal structures of the rural Central Society of America. This is done in five countries including Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The author analyzes the contribution of international bodies like the United States to these countries’ development and also the political effect on agrarian structures in Central America. The inequality in land ownership in Honduras is examined in this book. Few individuals in society own large chunks of land. Child labour accompanied by meager payment is a common characteristic. This book is relevant in this research topic as it gives a deeper understanding of the political influences on agricultural output and child labour.

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It is further appropriate for class use because it is written and organized well. This book examines the history and growth of Honduras from a place of no policy or public concern to one that became a hub for many things in Central America. The authors give a political history of Honduras; the people involved, their motives and growing US- Honduran relationship. The authors identify a number of cases in Honduras that involved child abuse, prostitution and labour like juvenile delinquents thriving and involuntary child prostitution. These happened because of children abandonment and poverty. This book is applicable s a source for this research as it gives proper instances of the areas of interest for this study.

It is also appropriate for class use because of its proper organization and easy understanding.This site provides basic information about the human rights and freedoms of the citizens of Honduras. It explains their application in the previous year’s elections and analyses circumstances and situations where they were violated. On the issue of children, it explains the government’s commitment to improve children’s welfare especially through education. This is however; affected by increased rate of school dropout, low quality education, low enrollment at secondary levels and teacher absenteeism among others.

The report reveals that child abuse, labour and prostitution was a serious problem and in most cases the government was yet to find the criminals involved in those cases. This report is relevant for this study as it gives statistical information on child related societal issues in Honduras which is of importance for this research topic. It could further be used to give the poverty level of children which is the main concern of this research. It is therefore, reliable as a source of information because originality. This site is for a non-governmental organization that runs programs which help inspire common vision of children’s riights by mobilizing the society to pursue the same vision to help every child fulfill their rights. It gives instances in which children in Honduras have been at a disadvantage and mentions the programs that have been put in place by the government and other non-governmental organizations to help these children overcome these setbacks.

The problems identified include poverty which causes them to be criminals among others. The information from this site is applicable in this research topic as it provides examples of misfortunes suffered by children in Honduras and the measures put in place to help eliminate them. This, as supported by living examples, has helped better the livelihood of the children.This site provides information on people, governments, history, regions, economy and other related issues for more than two hundred and sixty seven world entities. Its main sources are maps of the physical locations of interest. It gives statistical estimates of various components of concern in a population like birth rate, infant mortality rate and death rate among others.

This source is applicable in this topic as it will provide statistical data that will enhance the understanding of the research element. However, it does provide detailed information like the situation of a group of children facing a given poverty rate. Therefore, it is only reliable if backed by other sources.