Change In Time

“Children have got to be free and lead their own lives.

” –Sebastian This quote means that eventually children have to be let go of, and take control of themselves, and cant hold on to someone else forever. Eventually we are going to grow up and lead our own lives, which is why it is important to be let go of children eventually so they can learn and grow on their own. King Titan had to let Ariel go and be herself, not under his watch. This year I was more independent as a student and more individual in my writing and assignments. I feel that because of this I matured better as a writer.

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Last year I had lists of detailed requirements and information I had to include in my essays and papers. This year I was completely independent and succeeded on my own. In my writing journey this year I wrote many stories that helped me grow as a writer. Topics varied from nonfiction to creative writing. I started off by writing Why I Write which was a creative piece and involved my personal style in writing, and of course, why I write. Then we went into our nonfiction unit, my least favorite unit.

It consisted of Patriots Pen and many other letters to soldiers, etc. Next we went into Take a Stand, which I did not enjoy at all because my topic did not interest me at all. Then we ventured into Frederick Douglass which I really loved because involved a ton of creativity. I was so creative with my project, and I really enjoyed building the actual final project and the resemblance to the Frederick Douglass. After Frederick Douglass, we went into banned books which I also really loved because it involved my strong opinion in my topic. I loved making a website as well.

Notice that every single piece was done pretty much on my own. I loved how this year I gained my own wings and was able to fly away all by me each class period. Change in time was also really fun because I was able to craft a story based on one single time period. It could have been about whatever I wanted! Lastly, this I believe was very fun because I was able to reflect on my entire experience as writer this entire year. Overall, I have massively grown as a write this year.

I was also able to truly realize what I could do on my own as a writer. “Children have got to be free and lead their own lives.”