Letter to Me: The Year to Change

Dear ME, In less than a week you will be a sophomore. You’ve finally achieved the status of being in senior high. Now that you’ve become someone to look up to, you need to sharpen your attitude. Start watching the tone of voice you use when talking to people.

Pay attention to how loud you get. If someone picks on you because you’re smart, like they always have, just ignore them. This is the year to change. This is the year to seize every opportunity that comes at you. This is the year you have been waiting for your whole life, your eighth year at this school. Take advantage of it.

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Seize the day. Carpe diem. This is the year to make someone’s day. Compliment people more than normal. If someone looks like they are having a bad day, say something to cheer them up like, “Where’s you get that shirt? It is so adorable!” or “I love your hair today.

” Make more of an effort than usual to make people feel good about themselves. Maybe you, one person, can make a difference in your whole school. If someone sees what you are doing, they might decide to do the same thing. Soon it would spread throughout the whole school. What a cool place that would be to hang out! This is the year not give in.

When others bully you around because of your religion, or say that you believe wrong, just ignore them. Don’t try to prove them wrong. That’s what they want. They want you to make a fool of yourself. You’re not giving in or letting them win.

You’re saying, “I’m smart enough to walk away.” You know you believe right, even if no one else does. In the end, you’re the winner. This is the year to stop procrastinating. Stop putting off your work till the day before it’s due. You always manage to get it done, but the stress it causes is not good for your body, Sherilyn.

If you have the choice to go to your neighbor’s house or do your homework, choose the homework. It may not be as fun, but it is more important. What if you didn’t become valedictorian just because you procrastinated on one assignment? How would you feel then? Always put school work first. Overall, this is the year to change: the year to seize the day, the year to make someone’s day, the year to not give in, and the year to stop procrastinating. Staying the same while the world changes around you is good sometimes, but you can’t stay the same forever.

Change is good, and this is the year to do it. Sincerely, ME