A Letter of Intent

Introduction When applying for promotion in a company, many employers prefer that it employees do it in a letter. This means that one should develop a letter of intent to show his wish for getting a promotion. A letter of intent functions almost the same way with a cover letter when applying for a job.

A letter of intent has more details than a cover letter. The letter of intent describes a person’s qualifications, a detailed explanation of the accomplishments of a person and his career goals. A letter of intent shows the seriousness in a person to get the promotion. Discussion When writing the letter of intent, use the proper business format because it is not a casual or friendly letter. Include a letterhead, date inside address, salutation, body, complimentary closing, signature and name. When writing a letter of intent to get a promotion, one should indicate his intensions for applying for the promotion.

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Start the letter by naming the position for which one wants to apply. One should also indicate the current position he occupies currently in the company (Ryan, 67). You need to outline your qualifications. Although the employer already has the employee’s qualifications that he gt at the time of employment, one should repeat writing the qualifications in the letter of intent. The first paragraph of the letter should include basic information about the employee.

This will include the education level and work history both elsewhere and at the company. The first paragraph should also include any professional licence that the employee may have. This helps to notify the employer that the employee meets the general requirements for the job.One should emphasize on the accomplishments he has made. Write about what one has done for the company from the time of employment.

This shows the employer how hardworking one has been, and can help convince the employer that the employee fits for the promotion. One should be specific about his performance levels. For instance, indicate the help offer, to cook when done with your work, and when off work. Here, one can use numbers where possible. Indicate the revenue, which one has, helped the company accumulate since getting in to the company as an employee. Indicate the number, of clients, one handles and any awards or commendations received while doing the current job.

All this show the employee that one deserves to get the promotion. In the next paragraph, indicate why you need the job. This paragraph indicates the wish for promottion and the good that one can bring to the company while working in the position applying for it. In this paragraph, one should outline his plans for the future and career goals. When outlining the plans and career goals, one should ensure that the plans and the career goals would offer relevance to the company. Outline how the new position would fit the career goals and plans.

When ending the letter, one should talk of the positive things that he will contribute to the company when doing the job. Outline all those benefits that one expects the company to get once one gets the promotion. Here, indicate how to help the company save money, produce quality services and food for the customers, earn more revenue and attract more customers by creating a favourable public image for the company.Conclusion Many employers take cognisance of letters when employees need promotions. They take the letter to be a formal and serious intent on the part of the employee in seeking promotion.

When an employee seeks the promotion by word of mouth, employers may take it as a joke or may not take it seriously, while some look at it as disrespect. Therefore, it becomes essential for employees to indicate their wish for promotions through letters of intent.