The Letter

The Letter Dear John Am writing to inform you about Interpersonal communication, which is different from other forms of communication.

It is different in that the participants involved in it are few and are always in close physical proximity. They use more sensory organs and their response to one another is immediate. Interpersonal communication can involve persons interacting with other people within a society or conversing on one on one basis. It involves sending and reception of information between two or more people. Aspects of this form of communication ae listening, asserting, persuading and nonverbal passage of information. Since the individuals are in close physical proximity, they communicate at different levels.

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Actually it depends on whomever one is conversing with. For illustration, conversing with a family member is different from communicating with a friend or a lover. For one to pass a massage successfully, the massage receiver must understand the content of the massage.One aspect of interpersonal communication that caught my interest is persuasion. Persuasion is the ability to cause someone to consent to an idea or maybe to do something. It is interesting to learn that you ccan influence other people to give in to your ideas.

You win somebody over, persuade another hence cause him or her to change his or her mind. If someone resists your attempts, you induce him or prevail upon him and convince him. I have tried it on my friends, am amazed, it works. I could not believe it; yesterday Robert and I were supposed to go for a walk. Just for the sake of it, I decide to persuade him against it. Can you believe that he gave in? It is simply unbelievable.

Persuasion works. Guess what, you also believe that it is true. I have managed to persuade you too. Have a good day.Your Fiathfully