The Business Letter

This is to express sincere apologies for the unfortunate confrontation that you had with our clerical officer. I have personally followed up on the matter and come to a conclusion that your inquiry does not deserve such kind of treatment from our staff. It is understandable that since you had brought your clothes to be cleaned, you would not have accepted them back with discolorations.

In light of this, our staff should have accepted and corrected the mistake without much ado. However, that has now passed and all that we can assure you as our highly esteemed customer is that such an incident will not recur in the future (Guffey R. & Rogin 2010 pg 114). Indeed, the human resource management of Friendly Service Dry Cleaners has undertaken to impose disciplinary measures on the said clerk. Besides, we have warned all our staff of refraining from any possible confrontations with our customers. This commitment we make to ensure that such incidents will not be repeated in future, considering the tremendous damage they cause to reputation of the firm.

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Besides, the firm is run with the revenue collections from our customers who, by all means, deserve quality for their money. Indeed, this has been the policy of this business, and perhaps, that is why you have enjoyed our services for the last fourteen months. Therefore, we commit to get things back on track immediately. Meanwhile, you may continue to be our esteemed customer, as we shall henceforth assure quality and more friendly services from our staff. I certainly look forward to meeting you someday when you finally approve of our services (Guffey R.

& Rogin 2010 pg 234).