The Letter to Drew

Dear Mr. Drew, I write this letter not as a student to a teacher but rather as a man to another man. I’ll start by asking that you do not search this paper for grammatical errors or anything of the sort for I can assure you, by the end of this paper, there will be many mistakes in the sentences themselves; however, the overall writing will be very heartfelt and true. Please read all the way through and try to consider these thoughts which I place before you.

So with that said, you may wonder who I am for at this moment I have not decided if I am to give this to you in person of if I am to turn it in to your box. Either way I will tell you that I am not your average student. I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ, son of the true living God. On reading this statement you may laugh within yourself, but I take this area very seriously. At this time we have just—as a class—finished reading the Brave New World. We have discussed, evaluated, and broken it down in class during which I have created my own thoughts.

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The “Brave New World” is a society of people who go through life thinking they are “happy”. They very rarely question their existence or the reason they live the way they do. They are conditioned, or rather brainwashed, into living life in a way that is not living at all: never considering what may be outside their little box. Any idea beyond what they have already been taught is an abomination. Mustapha Mond is the world controller.

He is in charge of this corrupt lifestyle making sure no person questions the order of society (I’m sure you agree with this). I wish to pose this comparison of the “Brave New World” and our world today; however, my way around this is a little different, imagine this. We are essentially in a “Brave New World” right now. The Bible refers to Satan as the king of this world: Mustapha Mond. Satan sits in his box making false rules for our society. All the people of the world—under the influence of Satan’s drug—listen and obey.

They all Condition each other through media, books, etc. to follow the same sinful way humans choose to follow. Most people choose to ignore the idea of any other way of life. Most people today throw out the idea of a higher being. People decide: it’s not possible, it’s too good, it’s irrational, there’s no way, it’s not true, etc. simply repeating their worldly hypnopaedia.

In this little “Brave New World” of today I am happy to say that I am one of the many humans living on an Island. I have realized these lies Satan has told and I have challenged them. I have turned to Jesus Christ; he was the first to ever challenge this set order, paving a way for those who wish to follow. Though it is a harder more humiliating way to live—for by moving to another island I have chosen to live in the harsh climate— it is in the long run a far more fulfilling way to go about life. One day I truly believe that Jesus will come back to confront Mustapha Mond over this corrupt “Brave New World” and at that time I will be happy I chose the island over Satan’s corrupt society.

So here I am. On my island writing to you, a fellow Alpha, begging of you to reconsider. Now, take your friend Mack. I understand this is a touchy topic and I wish not to push anyone’s buttons… maybe just pull some heartstrings. During your “Valentine’s Day-ish” lecture I developed my own diagnosis of your lost friend, which is exactly what he was: lost.

You said he always lived to the fullest, with girls, with money, with friends, with life. I ask you: “Was he?” I can assure you he was not. It is not humanly possible to live life to the fullest without Jesus Christ. It has been said that every human is born with a God-shaped hole in their heart and they spend their entire life trying, hoping, longing, and striving to fill that hole with anything. It is this need that eventually drives people to money, alcohol, drugs, sex, crime, depression, suicide.

The Bible however teaches that all is vanity: emptiness and despair. We as humans cannot be fulfilled by these earthly things. A person can only be truly happy when they have reached that point where they find themselves broken down in love before the almighty God in heaven. Then and only then can that person say: “this is it; I have found it”. With this letter I am indeed attempting to throw your soma out the window and with it your worldly cares. I know you are searching.

I know you feel despair. The thing you are looking for is not in this world. To find it you must leave your soma behind you. Mustapha Mond has been lying to you this whole time. “A New Theory of Biology” exists. It is known as the Bible.

Reading this; Satan, I am sure, is behind you whispering in your ear hopelessly trying to keep you conditioned. I pray he doesn’t succeed. You are my favorite teacher. I would hate to see you lost as well. Sincerely, your student: Travis J “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in…” –Jesus Christ