Letter to Home (Lord Of The Flies)

Dear Mum and Dad, Its been a long time since i’ve seen you guys since i’m stuck on this island. Just know i miss you so very much.I think you would be proud to see how i stepped up and was voted chief after the first few day being on the island.

Things are hard but i’m being strong even though some people don’t really listen. Im sorry for the times i didnt listen you because i get how frustrating it really is now. When i get home i promise to be much better than i ever was because i’ve now seen some bad things and i dont want to be like that. Iv made a new good friend named Piggy, he is very smart and is kinda like a voice of reason. I met him on the first day on the island.

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He was the first guy i met before we found all of the others. I’ve meet other people along the way but some of them were not so great. Like a guy named Jack, he could never really handle him not being chief and at first he seemed great but he turned into something horrid. His mind is filled with killing. He decided to go on his own and took everyone with him except for Piggy, the twins Sam n’ Eric and I.

Sam and Eric are good guys like Piggy is, I just don’t know them as well and it can sometimes be hard to tell them apart. Its hard with out the rest of the group now though, i honestly miss everyone quite a bit. But before all that everything was pretty good mostly. We built shelters and found food. We kept a fire signal going and all that stuff.

Jack, simon and I went out and explored to island to see what was out there and we saw that it had everything we needed. We all still had our fears, mostly the littluns. They thought there were beasts on the island and would wake up screaming at night. One night Sam and Eric saw what they thought was a beast in the sky so we all went to look for it but sadly it was a dead man in a parachute but other than that everything was mostly going good well… till the other night. I would tell you what happened the other night before the group separated but its to hard to say out loud.

All you should know is that it was horrid and should not be talked about. Last night on the hand was also bad but not as bad as the night before, we got attacked by the tribe lead by Jack. He came to steal fire and by doing so stole Piggy’s glasses so that they would have fire and we would not. So we plan on going to their tribe and asking for glasses back. It was a mean trick to do stealing his glasses. We need fire to have a signal so that we can get off the island but Jack just wants fire to cook the pigs he kills.

Right now on the island its like things are falling down hill. We should all stick together and think about getting of the island. I’m glad I have piggy to be the voice of reasoning for me. I hope your days are going much better than mine are. I know Dad will find me though and rescue me off the island.I miss you guys a lot and i hope to see you soon.

I also miss my room as well i think about it quite often. I miss my bed and i even miss being washed up.I love you Mum and Dad and can’t wait to be home. From, Your son, Ralph