Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because i think Don’t Close You Eyes should be included to the canon The first reason I believe it should be added is because in the story Janie is so brave and it teaches you to love your self even if you a little different from others. for example she dreams about her mom getting hurt by her dad, and dreams about her boyfriend getting burned and almost killed. The second reason is because there are parts in the story where the nightmares seem so real. it makes your heart start to race and make you wanna keep reading it.

she dreams about rapes and murders that happened around her. but another thing that scary is that she can fall in to a dream at any time. she almost hit little kids trying to get on the bus because a little boy was dreaming. The final reason is because is very emotional because she dont know her dad but sees what seem to be her dad in her mom dreams. other reason is because her mom drinks as soon as she gets up to the time she got to bed she never sees her mother.

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she really dont have any friends, its very emotional. As you can see, Don’t Close Your Eyes is deserving of the literary canon because the story not only show what she is going through it also show how she get though it. it shows you its ok to be different and be going through things others may not be going through. and its a different book to read because she is going in to other dreams but it makes you wanna read more. I hope that you will consider this choice for the literary canon. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Brianna P.